Mega Man 3

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Mega Man 3
"Dr. Wily is always watching." - SomecallmeJohnny
Genre: Action, Platforming
Platforms: Nintendo Entertainment System
Microsoft Windows
Release Date: NES
JP: September 28, 1990
NA: November 1990
EU: June 23, 1992

JP: September 14, 1999
JP: April 1, 2005
NA: August 19, 2008
Developer: Capcom
Publisher: JP/NA: Capcom
EU: Nintendo
Franchise: Mega Man
Previous Game: Mega Man 2
Next Game: Mega Man 4

Mega Man 3, also known as Rockman 3: The End of Dr. Wily?! in Japan, is a platforming game developed and published by Capcom.


After his plans for world domination fail for a second time, Dr. Wily seemingly reforms and joins forces with Dr. Light to create a robot named "Gamma", who is designed to keep things peaceful. But a group of robots known as the "Robot Masters" steal the crystals needed to power Gamma up. Mega Man is tasked to retrieve the crystals with the help of a robotic dog named "Rush".

Why It Rocks

  1. It follows the traditional eight number of initial stages Mega Man 2 had and weapon obtainment system.
  2. There's strategy to easily defeating the bosses, because each one are weak to certain weapons. It's also the first game in the series where every single Robot Master can be defeated with their own weapons during their rematches in the boss rush.
  3. A whole cast of new Robot Masters to defeat. The new Robot Masters are different from the other games' ones since there's not a Robot Master that's based on an "earth element" (like fire or water) which makes it unique. For example, Top Man is based on a toy and Gemini Man is based on a constellation of the same name.  
  4. It introduces the new sliding ability, which allows for news strategies and raises speed-running capabilities, and this ability would be kept in future games, except for Mega Man 9 & 10 which were designed to be like Mega Man 2's successors (Proto Man being the only character to be able to slide in both games) but would be brought back in Mega Man 11.  
  5. It also introduces Rush, Mega Man's robotic dog and first member of his animal squad. Rush can be used in many situations to help the player:
    • Rush Coil allows the player to reach higher places by jumping on it, which makes a coil appear on his back propeling Mega Man.  
    • Rush Jet transforms Rush into a flying sled that Mega Man can ride in all directions (in later games he would just move forwards and only be moved up and down) to skip sections or big death pits, although it is very broken, see the Bad Qualities section for more information.  
    • Rush Marine transforms Rush into a submarine that, when riden, can move on water and fire plasma shots. When used on ground it is not useful since it can only move by jumping continously and the player will much likely not want to use it.  
  6. The Yellow Devil makes a return as one of the bosses in the Wily stages, but he's much easier this time around.
  7. Proto Man, Mega Man's older brother, debuts on this game, with an interesting backstory. He appears in stages challenging Mega Man to see how strong he is, helping him to advance in Gemini Man's stage, challenging him one more time before going to Wily Castle dressed as Break Man and helping Mega Man to escape from the collapsing Wily Castle. His whistle also became common in later games before he teleports in.  
  8. When defeating the eight Robot Masters you revisit Shadow Man, Spark Man, Gemini Man and Needle Man stages which were invaded by a mysterious robot known as Doc Robot, thus the stages have an aspect of being destroyed and have changed layouts and enemies. Doc Robot appears absorbing the data and special weapon of a Robot Master from the previous game and fights like it.
  9. Awesome soundtrack.

Bad Qualities

  1. Just like its predecessors, the U.S. cover art is awful, although it has improved a bit.  
  2. Rush Jet is broken: due to his all direction movement, he can be used instead of Rush Coil and waste less energy. Not only that, there's a famous glitch that allows you to use Rush Jet wasting very minimum weapon energy by jumping constantly since while on air you don't waste Rush Jet's energy.  
  3. The Dr. Wily stages are easy and underwhelming.
  4. It is possible to get stuck in Gemini Man's Doc Robot stage by running out of energy for Rush Coil and Jet (although you're much likely not going to run out of it). After the first Doc Robot, going through the door will leave you in front of a wall that you must go through by using Rush Coil/Jet but if you can't use them, you're forced to restart the game or get a game over. Same goes for Needle Man's Doc Robot stage.
  5. The final fight with Gamma can be done in less than 40 seconds due to his second phase being able to be defeated instantly by using Top Spin, arguably one of the, if not the worst weapon in the entire series.  
  6. The bosses take a lot more hits than they did in Mega Man 2, but you don't take nearly as much, making the ratio rather unfair.
  7. The Doc Robot bosses are pretty hard, especially Doc Wood Man and Doc Quick Man.
  8. A few of the Robot Masters are really tough to defeat, like Shadow Man, although he was toned down in later games that featured him as a boss.
  9. The logic of the weaknesses of the bosses, at this point, is just completely gone (For example, the Hard Knuckle against Top Man or the Top Spin against Shadow Man.)


Mega Man 3 was well received when it was originally released, and has enjoyed tons of praise over the years.  



  • It is known that many Mega Man characters are named after musical genres (like Rock, who, when combined with Roll, becomes "rock n' roll") or features (like Beat), however, Rush's exact namesake is unknown. His name is likely a reference to Canadian progressive rock band Rush.
  • The Wily Castle bosses are supposed to be improvements over Mega Man 1's:
    • Kamegoro Maker fights in a water area, much like CWU-01P.  
    • Yellow Devil MK-II is, obviously, based on the original Yellow Devil and since the player is now able to slide, it is not as hard to fight as in the first game.  
    • Holograph Mega Mans are an improvement over Copy Robot although they don't copy Mega Man's ability (but still swap to the same colors).



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