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Mega Man III (1992)

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This article is about 1992 Game Boy game.
You may be looking for 1990 NES game with the same name.
Mega Man III (1992)
Mega Man III GB.jpg
Better than the previous game, and much more challenging.
Protagonist(s): Mega Man
Genre(s): Action
Platform(s): Game Boy
Release: December 1992
Developer(s): Minakuchi Engineering
Publisher(s): Capcom
Series: Mega Man
Predecessor: Mega Man II
Successor: Mega Man IV

Mega Man III (or Rockman World 3; ロックマンワールド3 in Japan) is the third of the Game Boy Mega Man/Rockman World games, released in late 1992. Minakuchi Engineering, who also made Mega Man: Dr. Wily's Revenge, returned to develop the game. It borrows Robot Masters from Mega Man 3 as well as Mega Man 4.


That sinister scientist Dr. Wily is at it again! Now, he and his renegade robots have purloined an off-shore oil rig and are drilling through the Earth's crust. It's up to Mega Man to shut down their scheme before Wily can harness the molten power of the Earth's core to fuel his latest metallic monstrosity!

The Japanese version has a different story, where Dr. Wily jams powerful waves into a super computer that controls everyone's daily lives, creating abnormal weather, transportation failures, and industrial abnormalities. The doctor also sends robots to keep the city at bay, so Mega Man is called to stop Wily's evil plans.

Why It Rocks

  1. After the complaints of the previous game being too easy, this game went back to the hard and challenging gameplay that Mega Man games were known for.
  2. Excellent graphics for Game Boy standards, as the game's sprites were taken straight from the NES games.
  3. The game also features new graphics for the returning stages, and some new setpieces were added to make them stand out from their original NES incarnations.
  4. The music in this game is amazing, as the Robot Master stage themes sound almost identical to the NES equivalents. The original music, like the final Wily stage theme and the end credits theme, is great too.
  5. In addition to having the slide, Mega Man now also has the charge shot from Mega Man 4.
  6. Unlike last time, the second set of Robot Masters does not feature teleporters, and instead, has its own stage select screen, making it easier to tell which Robot Master is tackled next.
  7. This game features the second of the Mega Man Killers, Punk, who has a badass appearance and a tough boss battle.
  8. Some of the weapons have improved from the games that they originated in, like the Spark Shock and the Skull Barrier.
  9. A few of the bosses have become easier, such as Shadow Man, who was one of the hardest Robot Masters in the NES original.

Bad Qualities

  1. Even by Mega Man standards, the game can be way too hard in some places, especially in the second half of the game.
  2. The Rush Jet continuingly moves forward like in Mega Man 4 and later games, but unlike said games, Rush's height cannot be adjusted.
  3. The game can occasionally suffer from slowdown when there are too many enemies on the screen.
  4. Compared to the other Mega Man Killer weapons, Punk's weapon, the Screw Crusher, is somewhat underwhelming, though, it's not as bad as Quint's Sakugarne.
  5. After you defeat the first set of Robot Masters and the Wily Mid-game Stage, you can't go back to them. Fortunately, the only way you'd want to go back is if you want to grab more extra lives or E-Tanks, which you can just get from the later half.