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Genre: Action
Platforms: Arcade
Nintendo Entertainment System
Famicom Disk System
Release Date: Famicom Disk System
JP: August 6, 1986

NA: August 1986

NA: August 15, 1987
EU: January 15, 1988

Developer: Intelligent Systems
Publisher: Nintendo
Franchise: Metroid
Next Game: Metroid II: Return of Samus

Metroid is an action-adventure video game, and the first entry in the Metroid series. It was released for the Famicom Disk System in Japan on August 6, 1986, and for the Nintendo Entertainment System in North America in August 1987.

Why It Rocks

  1. Control Samus Aran, one of the first female protagonists for a video game.
  2. Zebes, a large, open-ended world with areas connected by doors and elevators.
  3. Many acrobatic moves, such as high jumps and somersaults.
  4. Samus can transform into a Morph Ball to explore small tunnels and other inaccessible areas.
  5. The game introduces the famous "Justin Bailey" password, which makes Samus wear a magenta outfit.
  6. Explore more areas and collect power-ups that grant Samus special abilities and enhance her armor and weaponry.
  7. The game manages to make the various areas of Zebes feel distinct even with the primitive graphics of the time.
  8. Great, atmospheric soundtrack, with most of the music pieces being remixed in later Metroid games.
  9. Memorable enemies and bosses, including the titular Metroids, along with Kraid, Ridley, and the final boss, the Mother Brain.
  10. One of the first games not to immediately end once you defeat the final boss, with Samus having to escape from Mother Brain's base before it self-destructs.
  11. This along with Castlevania inspired the metroidvania genre.

Bad Qualities

  1. Much like The Legend of Zelda, this game lacks a map, making exploration much harder. The same goes for the sequel (though both have a remake that fixes this).
  2. You're only allowed to use one type of beam add-on at a time, which forces you to back-track in order to switch between the different types of beam you need throughout the game. As with the map, this issue was fixed in the remakes.
  3. The last part before you reach the Mother Brain is the hardest part of the game because you get hit from nearly every corner.
  4. Regardless of how many Energy Tanks you have, you always start the playtime with 30 Energy.
  5. The cartridge and the Famicom Disk System versions both have their issues - the cartridge version has a weaker soundtrack and more simplistic enemy AI, but the disk version has extremely long load times.
  6. While the twist with the reveal of Samus' gender was groundbreaking, it hasn't aged well. If a game tried it nowadays, it would at best be considered a weird and pointless twist, and at worst would be seen as forcing feminist/SJW propaganda on the player (albeit nowadays they'd be able to reveal Samus' gender right from the start without alienating players, which was more of a concern in 1986).
  7. The infamous "Engage Ridley Mother Fucker" passcode, which when entered crashes the NES console or resets the game to the title screen on later ports. One notable exception was the 3DS port where entering the passcode would brick the console. This has since been patched and it will crash the system instead, Or the same thing will happen as in the Nintendo Switch Online, but it will block the game and you will get an error.


Metroid received critical acclaim upon release. Nintendo Power ranked Metroid 11th on their list of the best video games made on a Nintendo video game console.

On Top 100 Games lists, Metroid was ranked 7th by Game Informer and 69th by Electronic Gaming Monthly.


  • The game uses a passcode system similar to the NES version of Metal Gear. That means certain words correspond to certain actions. For example, the aforementioned "JUSTIN BAILEY" lets you play as Samus in a magenta outfit and with green hair (Varia Suit).
  • The idea to make Samus a girl came from an employee of Nintendo, who suggested "Wouldn't it be fun if the main player character was a girl?" It was also influenced by the Alien and Aliens movies, which also feature a female protagonist, Ellen Ripley.




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