Modern Combat Versus

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Modern Combat Versus
Modern Combat Versus.jpg
Pretty much like "Overwatch meets Call of Duty" on mobile.
Genre: Free to play, Multiplayer, FPS, Action, and Shooter
Platforms: iOS
Release Date: September 28, 2017
Developer: Gameloft Montreal
Publisher: Gameloft
Franchise: Modern Combat
Previous Game: Modern Combat 5

Modern Combat Versus is the sixth title in the mobile Modern Combat series. It is being developed by Gameloft Montreal. Gameloft has confirmed that it's "focused exclusively on multiplayer gaming". Indeed, the French publisher follows up that statement by claiming that it's "designed to host eSport events". There is no campaign mode in MCV, and an active internet connection is required. Gameloft also sponsors Honor View 10  using the game in the "Modern Combat Versus Honor International Series".

Why It Rocks

  1. You can play any time you want.
  2. The game features FPS agents with special abilities (similar to the playable heroes from Overwatch) such as healing, scanning, cloaking, shields, and more.
  3. Despite using microtransactions, the loot crates are an easy way to obtain new characters around level 1-20.
  4. Battle credits can be obtained from watching ads and login any time.
  5. Good tutorial.
  6. Decent voice acting compared to Gameloft's previous works.
  7. Two kinds of helpful practice areas.
  8. Beautiful graphics even by mobile standards.
  9. The game is well optimized on PC, so you can play it with little to no lag even with a toaster.
  10. You can invite players from a club to your match.
  11. After logging in seven times, there's a chance where you'll obtain a legendary agent.
  12. Clever quotes from agents like Ronen.
  13. There are special events that can have a chance to give you diamonds.
  14. Great soundtrack.
  15. You can create Pro Tournaments to test out your maxed out agent.

Bad Qualities

  1. It's rather hard to reach higher leagues for more battle credits.
  2. You might end up facing unbalanced matches.
  3. The game is developed by Gameloft, so expect microtransactions.
  4. High ping in other specific places like Brazil.


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