My Friend Pedro

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My Friend Pedro
My Friend Pedro official logo.png
Blood. Bullets. Bananas.
Protagonist: Pedro
The Vigilante
Genre: Platformer
Platforms: Microsoft Windows (both versions)
PlayStation 4
Xbox One
Nintendo Switch (remake)
Release Date: 2014 (original version)
June 20, 2019 (remake)
December 2019 (Xbox One)
2020 (PS4)
Game Engine: Unity
Developer: DeadToast Entertainment
Publisher: Adult Swim Games (original version)
Devolver Digital (remake)
Franchise: My Friend Pedro

My Friend Pedro is a shoot-'em-up platformer developed by Swedish programmer Victor Ågren under the name DeadToast Entertainment. Originally a Flash game published by Adult Swim Games in 2014, it received a heavily-updated and more modern 2.5D remake and was published by Devolver Digital on June 20, 2019, after five years of development.

Why It Rocks

  1. The use of slow-motion and acrobatic stunts to kill off your enemies was a unique concept for a Flash game at the time of its release.
  2. You can perform somersaults while shooting your enemies at the same time.
  3. There is a score multiplier system that increases with the number of enemies you kill in a corresponding amount of time. This encourages you to kill more enemies within a short window of time. Otherwise, you'll lose your combo streak.
  4. Just like MadWorld, the game highly encourages you to find creative ways to defeat your enemies. Just capping enemies in the face is not as satisfying as performing a somersault while shooting two enemies at the same time using your aim-splitting function.
  5. Speaking of the aim splitter, it allows you to kill two enemies at the same time while racking your score and combo up very quickly.
  6. The slow-motion meter recharges quite fast, allowing you to rack up slow-mo kills very quickly.
  7. Nice story with a nice plot twist that isn't overdone
  8. Pedro, the deuteragonist of the game, is a funny character and contributes to some of the game's story.
  9. You can kill anyone with just one kick to the face or balls!
  10. You can kick any kickable items into an enemy's face to kill them. This means you can kick an enemy's head like a soccer ball into an enemy's face to kill him. In fact, the game highly encourages you to do that!
  11. You can kick a frying pan into the air and ricochet bullets off of it to kill unseen enemies!
  12. The construction site level allows you to perform some neat skateboarding stunts while shooting enemies at the same time.
    • In fact, you can kick the skateboard into enemy faces to kill them!
  13. The game gives you a clear rating and score breakdown at the end of each stage to show you where you did right and wrong.
  14. The game will show you the best kill stunt at the scoring screen as a GIF. It even allows you to download it and share it on Twitter directly!
  15. The bosses have fair difficulties and are not too overly difficult to the point where they're unbeatable.
  16. The game's official launch trailer has a very nice retro animation.
  17. You can even wall jump off an enemy and cap him and another enemy in the face at the same time.
  18. At some points, you can hang onto a zip-line or abseiling cable by one foot while shooting two enemies at the same time.
  19. It is a very blatant love letter to old gun-fu movies like The Matrix franchise and Hard Boiled.

Bad Qualities

  1. The game is short, being easily completed in four hours.
  2. Limited replayability
  3. The later levels aren't very good and poorly implement the already-established combat mechanics in favour of puzzle-solving.


My Friend Pedro got "Generally Favourable" reviews from critics and the audience on Metacritic.

IGN gave the game 8.5/10, praising its mechanics and shooting while criticizing its short length and limited replayability. also gave the game 8.5/10, praising its gameplay and combat while criticizing its length, story and lack of additional game modes.

PC Gamer gave the game 81/100, praising its GIF creator, combat, nonsensical story, short levels and creative methods of killing enemies while criticizing the later levels.


The game's official trailer
IGN's review of the game




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I actually got it and it is fun. Minus the puzzles

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