New Super Mario Bros. 2

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New Super Mario Bros. 2
NSMB2 NA box cover.png
"New Super Mario Brothers 2!"
Protagonist: Mario
Genre: Side Scrolling Platformer
Platforms: Nintendo 3DS
Release Date: Original release:
JP: July 28, 2012
EU: August 17, 2012
AU: August 18, 2012
NA: August 19, 2012
ITA: August 24, 2012
KOR: December 6, 2012
HK: June 21, 2013

Nintendo eShop:
JP: July 28, 2012
EU/ITA: August 17, 2012
AU: August 18, 2012
NA: August 19, 2012
KOR: June 3, 2014

Gold Edition:
JP: July 1, 2014
KOR: August 28, 2014
NA: November 27, 2014
Developer: Nintendo
Publisher: Nintendo
Franchise: Super Mario
Previous Game: New Super Mario Bros. Wii
Next Game: New Super Mario Bros. U

New Super Mario Bros. 2 is a 2D side-scrolling platform video game in the New Super Mario Bros. series developed by Nintendo for their Nintendo 3DS handheld video game console. While being the third game in the series, it is a direct sequel to the 2006 Nintendo DS game New Super Mario Bros. and a follow-up to the 2009 Wii game New Super Mario Bros. Wii (which is a follow-up to the DS game) is the first Nintendo-published game to be released simultaneously in both digital and physical forms. A follow-up to New Super Mario Bros. 2 (which also serves as a sequel to New Super Mario Bros. Wii), titled New Super Mario Bros. U, was released as a launch title for the Wii U on November 18, 2012.

Why It Rocks

  1. While it's a direct sequel to New Super Mario Bros., the gameplay, sound and graphics feels like your playing New Super Mario Bros. Wii on handheld device.
  2. Great graphics.
  3. The controls are still just as tight.
  4. The raccoon leaf from Super Mario Bros. 3 returns! (Not counting the tanooki leaf from Super Mario 3D Land.)
  5. The Mega Mushroom which was absent in New Super Mario Bros. Wii, returns.
  6. The Reznors mini-bosses from Super Mario World makes a re-appearance as a mini-boss again.
  7. It introduced the gold flower, which is an upgraded version of the fire flower, but it can turn Mario/Luigi into gold/silver and can turn anything into coins, and kill bosses in just a few hits.
  8. Great soundtrack.
  9. This is also the first game for the 3DS where you can play multiplayer in Co-op mode.
  10. The level designs can range from simple, to creative.
  11. Fun bosses.
  12. So many callbacks from the classic games, such as Reznor from Super Mario World and the colorful platforms from Super Mario Bros. 3.
  13. Believe it or not, DLCs for Coin Rush Mode levels are much more fun.

Bad Qualities

  1. The game has three common criticisms:
    • The game is too easy, way easier than its predecessor. Since the game's objective is to collect coins, you get a lot of 1UPs and thus making the game even harder to get a game over.
      • Since the Gold flower existed, it can ruin the fun at times.
    • It recycled music, sound and gameplay from New Super Mario Bros. Wii, except with different beats.
  2. The Toad houses are a bit of a downgrade compared to the last titles.
  3. Lackluster final boss against Bowser. Although the final battle is an improvement over that of New Super Mario Bros. DS (which is basically just the first boss with Bowser Jr. added in), it's literally a rip-off of New Super Mario Bros. Wii.
    • To add insult to injury, you have to fight this boss twice: once in world 6 as the final boss against normal Bowser, and again as the boss of the star world against Dry Bowser.
      • Even worse, the fight with Dry Bowser is exactly the same as that against normal Bowser, with the only notable difference being the size of the platforms (they're much smaller in the Dry Bowser fight).
  4. In order to play as Luigi, you have to beat Bowser in World 6, rather than just simply playing as him in the beginning.
  5. Collecting 1 million coins (the game's main goal) does nothing other than change the color of the title background to gold and a golden statue of Mario.
  6. In multiplayer, the camera focuses on the same character for both players rather than having each player’s camera focusing on their own individual characters.


New Super Mario Bros. 2 has received generally positive reviews. It holds an aggregated score of 78.40% on GameRankings and 78/100 on Metacritic. The game was given a 36/40 by Famitsu with 9s from all four reviewers. Electronic Gaming Monthly gave the game a 9/10, stating "This platforming perfection is what makes Mario games so fun, and in that regard, New Super Mario Bros. 2 definitely succeeds with its own share of secrets, collectibles, and branching pathways that can be unlocked depending on how you should advance through the game." NintendoLife gave the game 9 out of 10 stars, saying "It's immense fun, boasts brilliant level design and offers enough repeat play appeal to keep you glued to your 3DS system for weeks."



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