Ninja Gaiden (2004)

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Ninja Gaiden (2004)




"A Ninja's vengeance runs not only through his blood, but through his soul..." - Ryu Hayabusa
Genre: Action
Hack 'n' Slash
Platforms: Xbox
PlayStation 3
PlayStation Vita
Release Date: Xbox
NA: March 2, 2004
JP: March 11, 2004
EU: May 14, 2004

Ninja Gaiden Black:
NA: September 20, 2005
JP: September 29, 2005
EU: October 21, 2005

Ninja Gaiden Sigma:
PlayStation 3
JP: June 14, 2007
NA: July 3, 2007
EU: July 6, 2007
AU: July 13, 2007

PlayStation Vita
NA: February 22, 2012
EU: February 22, 2012
JP: February 23, 2012

Developer: Team Ninja
Publisher: Tecmo
Franchise: Ninja Gaiden
Previous Game: Ninja Gaiden III: The Ancient Ship of Doom
Next Game: Ninja Gaiden II

Protagonist = Ryu Hayabusa

Ninja Gaiden is a 2004 action-adventure hack-n'-slash video game developed for Xbox by Team Ninja and released by Tecmo

Why It Rocks

  1. Amazing graphics for its time, not to mention it has more realistic violence by comparison to many other games released around 2004
  2. Interesting world, taking place where it's like a mix of feudal Japan and modern day, which is an interesting and original aesthetic for the game.
  3. Awesome music
  4. Amazing, fast-paced hack-n'-slash gameplay, requiring quick movements from the player and timing their attacks just right rather than go slashing with reckless abandon.
  5. Loads of projectile and handheld weapons to unlock, each with their own combos.
  6. Interesting storyline.
  7. Decent voice acting.
  8. Insane level of difficulty that fans of Dark Souls or this series will enjoy. Difficult, but not unfair or impossible.
  9. Awesome boss fights.
  10. Rather than rely on stealth and platforming, this game relies on skill.
  12. Black and Sigma (the latter released for the PS3) include new content that wasn't in the original and that's a whole lot of fun.
  13. Plenty of extra content throughout.
  14. Although not too reliant on it, you can climb and jump walls like a ninja (of course). These segments are awesome.
  15. Huge variety of enemies, ranging from common soldiers (who have guns and some skill), to more skilled rival ninjas, and monsters called "fiends".
  16. Some side-quests.
  17. Ninpo moves are awesome.

Bad Qualities

  1. Sigma has a few graphical issues, such as blood staining the air on a non-existent surface.
  2. The Bow and Arrow, unlike many of the other projectile weapons, goes into a first person mode and requires precision aiming, which makes it near impossible to use effectively during close-quarters combat.
  3. The camera can be frustrating at times, getting stuck in a precarious position and making it harder to see and fight back against already difficult enemies.
  4. Some of the aforementioned combos can be pretty difficult to perform due to the confusing patterns.




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