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OneShot (also stylized as Oneshot) is a role-playing game developed by Little Cat Feet and published by Degica.


The game's protagonist is a juvenile cat-like person, Niko, who awakes in an dark and unfamiliar house. They interact with a computer, which addresses the player by a name derived from the computer's login name via an external dialog box. According to the machine, the world that Niko currently is in is close to ruin, and the goal of the player is to guide Niko back to their homeworld. They discover the world's sun, which takes the form of a lightbulb, and use it to exit the house, emerging in a barren wasteland.

There, they encounter a robot, who informs them that they are prophesised to save the world. Niko's goal is to carry the sun through the world's three areas, and place it at the top of a central tower, restoring light to the world; the current area, termed the "Barrens", is a desolate wasteland. This robot teaches Niko to communicate with the player's presence, discovering that the player apparently is a god, or the "Messiah" of the in-game world. Their responsibility in-game as a god is purportedly to assist and guide Niko. Niko meets Silver, a more sentient "tamed" robot, who gifts them a piece of amber, which Niko uses to journey into the next area of the world.

Why It Rocks

  1. Unique concept of having 'one shot' at the game. If you get one ending, you can't get the other.
  2. Likable characters, especially Niko.
  3. Interesting plot about a world that's dying without its sun.
  4. Sleeping in beds allow the player to exit the game without any consequence. Not only that. When reopening the game, the player is introduced to dream sequences that shows Niko's life back home.
  5. Cool puzzles. Some of them even involve looking outside the game.
  6. In the ending, either Niko saves the world and dies, or Niko goes home and the world dies.
  7. The secret Solstice Route from deleting the 'save file'.
  8. Excellent soundtrack and artwork by NightMargin
  9. The Steam version adds more content. Extending the Refugee and adding more personality into characters.

Bad Qualities

  1. The 'No exiting' feature in the original that makes exiting the game consequential unless done with a bed. Doing so without the bed results in Niko dying. This could be annoying as sometimes the game may crash. This is fixed in the Steam Version by instead making Niko blackout.
    1. To some people however, the removal of this feature gets rid of the one shot vibe.
  2. The Refugee chapter is short. However this was fixed in the Steam Version.