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Overwatch cover art (PC).jpg
Heroes never die... but this game will forever go down in history!
Genre: First-Person Shooter
Platforms: Microsoft Windows
PlayStation 4
Xbox One
Nintendo Switch
Release Date: Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One
May 24, 2016
Nintendo Switch
October 15, 2019
Developer: Blizzard Entertainment
Publisher: Blizzard Entertainment
Made in: United States
Franchise: Overwatch
Next Game: Overwatch 2

Overwatch is a team-based multiplayer first-person shooter video game developed and published by Blizzard Entertainment. It was released on May 24, 2016 for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One, while for the Nintendo Switch it was released on October 15, 2019.

Why It Rocks

  1. Amazing graphics that look like a cartoon.
  2. It fashionably does play somewhat similar to Team Fortress 2.
  3. It puts each player into two teams of six heroes.
  4. Many over-the-top one-liners from each of all playable characters.
  5. Challenging game modes.
  6. Players can select one of several pre-defined characters with different movement, attributes, and abilities; all heroes of this game are divided into three classes:
    • Damage: Damage characters have high mobility and are known for their ability to deal large amounts of damage. To balance this, offense characters have a low number of hit points. Others excel at protecting specific locations and creating choke points. They can also provide several means of field support, such as sentry set-up and trapping the enemy team. This class was originally two classes known as Attack and Defense, before they were rolled into one class due to players using Attack players on defense, and vice-versa.
      • Ashe: An Outlaw leader of the Deadlocked gang wields a rifle that can aim at enemies and shoot rapidly, her Coach Gun that can push foes back or to lift herself in the air for better view for aiming, an TMT that she uses that can be shot at will burn enemies, and her ultimate calls out her butler ominic B.O.B. that comes out to ram enemy players and lift them to the air (and can kill players if they are low on health) and shoot at them with his mini guns.
      • Bastion: Repair protocols and the ability to transform between stationary Assault, mobile Recon and devastating Tank configurations provide it with a high probability of victory.
      • Doomfist: His cybernetics make him a highly-mobile, powerful frontline fighter. In addition to dealing ranged damage with his Hand Cannon, Doomfist can slam the ground, knock enemies into the air and off balance, or charge into the fray with his Rocket Punch. When facing a tightly packed group, Doomfist leaps out of view, then crashes down to earth with a spectacular Meteor Strike. Doomfist was teased in the very first pre-release cinematic made for the game, and was a highly-anticipated addition, even getting his own anime-style cinematic.
      • Echo: A ominic that can shoot three burst, glide around, shoot out a beam for a few second and has a ultimate that can duplicate a hostile, and gets a bonus: ultimate charge rate goes faster.
      • Genji: A cybernetic ninja (mainly because of him after getting almost brutally killed by Hanzo over their father's clan) who flings precise and deadly Shuriken at his targets, and uses his technologically-advanced katana to deflect projectiles or deliver a Swift Strike that cuts down enemies.
      • Hanzo: A lethal bowman and assassin without peer, his versatile arrows can reveal his enemies or fragment to strike multiple targets. He can scale walls to fire his bow from on high, or summon a titanic spirit dragon.
      • Junkrat: A crazed, explosives-obsessed Australian outlaw who uses his Frag Launcher to bounce grenades at his enemies, while planting Concussion Mines and Steel Traps to defend targets. Anyone with experience playing Demoman in TF2 will be able to pick up and play this character.
      • McCree: A gunslinger and vigilante who makes use of his revolver to slay his foes, flash bangs to stun, and has a combat roll to avoid danger.
      • Mei: Her weather-altering devices slow opponents and protect locations. Her Endothermic Blaster unleashes damaging icicles and frost streams, and she can Cryo-Freeze herself to guard against counterattacks, or obstruct the opposing team's movements with an Ice Wall. Players quickly her abilities to troll enemies, and the fandom latched onto depicting Mei as a smug sociopath.
      • Pharah: A versatile and mobile Offense hero, capable of limited-duration flight. This gives her good escape capabilities, excellent vantage in open-air situations, and enables her to reach enemy snipers with ease. Her Ultimate ability Barrage allows her to rain heavy damage down on her enemies.
      • Reaper: A deadly, evil assassin that can move like a ghost through the battlefield, dispatching enemies and draining the life from their corpses, disappearing before their allies can catch him. Reaper is most effective at close quarters, and uses his movement abilities to get close to vulnerable targets. He is at his best when ambushing and swiftly silencing targets before slipping back into the shadows. With his Death Blossom turning him into a deadly whirlwind, Reaper can be devastating in confined spaces, turning an enemy charge into a massacre.
      • Soldier: 76: An archetypal soldier hero who has intended to be a gateway hero for players more rooted in Call of Duty-styled gameplay.
      • Sombra: Stealth and debilitating attacks make her a powerful infiltrator, Sombra is a Mexican hacker that possesses hacking can disrupt her enemies, ensuring they're easier to take out, while her EMP provides the upper hand against multiple foes at once. Sombra’s ability to Translocate and camouflage herself makes her a hard target to pin down.
      • Symmetra: She utilizes her light-bending Photon Projector to dispatch adversaries, construct teleportation pads and deploy particle-blasting Sentry Turrets, and use a shield to block off enemy attacks. Before being nerfed, she was the most-controversial hero in the game (for the reasons listed below).
      • Torbjörn: One of the world's greatest engineers who can swiftly construct and upgrade turrets, producing powerful units capable of defending areas against attackers.
      • Tracer: A British woman who is the victim of the slip stream incident, causing her to now be a "living ghost" and has been given the coronal hardness with a unique ability to control the speed of her own passage through time, she zips and blinks around the battlefield, eluding attackers and sneaking past defenses. A perfect skirmisher hero, Tracer is fragile but hard to hit, keeping one step ahead of her attackers while she harasses and harries the enemy team. Tracer excels at getting behind enemy lines, but it is inadvisable to move her through chokepoints. Should she find herself blinking into an ambush, she can rewind time to her position and state a few seconds earlier, giving her a second chance.
      • Torbjörn: One of the world's greatest engineers who can swiftly construct turrets, a boost to give him extra damage for some time, and Molten Core pumps out lava to damage players.
      • Widowmaker: A cold-blooded (but brainwashed) assassin who is considered the archetypal sniper, grappling up to vantage points and lining up the perfect kill shot. Her sniper rifle and sticky mines make her a strong Defense hero, staking out choke-points and picking off any target that stands still for too long.
    • Tank: Tank characters have the most hit points out of all the characters in the game. Because of this, they are able to draw enemy fire away from their teammates to themselves, so as to disrupt the enemy team.
      • D.Va: A Korean e-sports player and Meka pilot, Her mechanized walker is nimble and powerful — its twin Fusion Cannons blast away with autofire at short range, and she can use its Boosters to barrel over enemies and obstacles, or deflect attacks with her projectile-dismantling Defense Matrix. When her walker is destroyed, she ejects and fights on foot, and while she is quite vulnerable, her Light Gun is deceptively powerful due to its high firing rate and accuracy.
      • Orisa: She serves as the central anchor of her team, and defends her teammates from the front-line with a protective barrier. She can attack from long range, fortify her own defenses, launch graviton charges to slow and move enemies, and deploy a Supercharger to boost the damage output of multiple allies at once.
      • Reinhardt: A powerful Tank. His iconic ability Barrier Field allows him to shield allies and defend objectives, while his melee Rocket Hammer makes him a threat at close range. Charge allows him to charge and pin enemies, further enabling him to push and harass the front line.
      • Roadhog: He uses his signature Chain Hook to pull his enemies close before shredding them with blasts from his Scrap Gun. He’s hardy enough to withstand tremendous damage, and can recover his health with a short breather.
      • Sigma: A Dutch scientist who has a life gone mad, controls gravity at his will, is a Talon tank that shoots two orbs at a time, a barrier that can be called back before getting destroyed, abilities that can absorb health from gunfire and create a rock to knock and damage foes and a his ultimate that lift his foes up and slams them to the ground
      • Winston: He wields impressive inventions—a jump pack, electricity-blasting Tesla Cannon, portable shield projector and more—with literal gorilla strength.
      • Wrecking Ball: Controlled by an hamster named Hammond, it shoots out turret-like guns, it can roll for faster movement and shoots out a Grapple for faster rolling and can slam to the ground on foes, has a shield to prevent losing health for a short time, and deploys a Mine Field that can damage enemy players if they get near one.
      • Zarya: A Russian, pink-haired soldier who loves to play around with particles and gravity. Her primary weapon of choice is a particle cannon which can shoot beams and balls of energy, and create shields for herself and her allies. A powerful Tank, Zarya can turn the damage she absorbs into energy to fuel her weapons, dishing out damage as she defends her team. Her ultimate ability, Graviton Surge, combos extremely well with other ultimate abilities, leading to so-called "Wombo Combos" with heroes such as Pharah, McCree, Junkrat, and D.Va that can take out entire teams.
    • Support: Support characters are utility characters that have abilities that enhance their own team and/or weaken the enemy team. They might not deal the most damage or have the most hit points, but the buffs and debuffs they provide ensure that their teammates who do will make short work of their opponents.
      • Ana: Her versatile arsenal allows her to affect heroes all over the battlefield. Her Biotic Sniper Rifle rounds and Biotic Grenades heal allies and damage or impair enemies; her sidearm tranquilizes key targets, and Nano Boost gives one of her comrades a considerable increase in power.
      • Baspite: A ex-Talion medic that wields a three-burst rfile with that can heal via it's healing grenades, Exo boots that can let him jump in the air for better view or to reach higher places, an immortality field that can save ally players's last bits of health and very useful against ultimates (D.Va's self destruct, Doomfist's Meteorstrike, Bastion in tank mode, Ashe's B.O.B, Hanzo's Dragonstrike, Junkrat's R.I.P Tire, Reaper's Death Blossom, Solder 76's Tactical Visor ) and a ultimate that is a window barrier that will double the damage.
      • Brigitte: Swedish daughter of Torbjörn, she specializes in armor and can throw Repair Packs to heal teammates, or automatically heal nearby allies when she damages foes with a Flail as her weapon. Her Flail is capable of a wide swing to strike multiple targets, or a Whip Shot that stuns an enemy at range. When entering the fray, Barrier Shield provides personal defense while she attacks enemies with Shield Bash. Brigitte’s ultimate ability, Rally, gives her a substantial short-term boost of speed and provides long-lasting armor to all her nearby allies. It's pronounced "Bre-gee-tuh", not "Bridge-et".
      • Lúcio: On the battlefield, his cutting-edge Sonic Amplifier buffets enemies with projectiles and knocks foes back with blasts of sound. His songs can both heal his team or boost their movement speed, and he can switch between tracks on the fly. His ultimate ability, Sound Barrier, grants his allies a temporary sound shield.
      • Mercy: She is capable of dealing damage, but is best played by following friendly heroes and healing and buffing them. A rework gave her Valkyrie, her ultimate that gives her air support. Before this, her ultimate was Resurrection, which could resurrect multiple allies at once and completely wipe out any progress an attacking or defending team made. Resurrection was later demoted to a regular ability with a cooldown that can only resurrect one player at a time, due to how game-breaking the original ult was.
      • Moira: Her biotic abilities enable her to contribute healing or damage in any crisis. While Biotic Grasp gives Moira short-range options, her Biotic Orbs contribute longer-range, hands-off damage and healing; she can also Fade to escape groups or remain close to allies in need of support. Once she's charged Coalescence, Moira can save multiple allies from elimination at once or finish off weakened enemies.
      • Zenyatta: He calls upon orbs of harmony and discord to heal his teammates and weaken his opponents, all while pursuing a transcendent state of immunity to damage.
  7. Rewards competitive play with competitive points which can be saved towards golden weapons for heroes.
  8. Blizzard distributed the backstory to Overwatch, which is described through animated shorts and other information in promoting the game, similar to what TF2 did with its advertising with the Meet The Team shorts and the webcomic. The animated shorts are very well-made, and inevitably led to calls for an Overwatch animated movie or Netflix series.
  9. Great skins. there are skins with different quotes that say with some skins. For a example, if Junkrat has the Dr. Junkenstien skin on, when using the RIP-Tire, he says "Get ready for a shock!".
  10. Arcade mode with rotating gamemodes.
  11. Great special events. For example: Archives, summer games, Junkenstein's Revenge, etc.
  12. Role Queue (2-2-2 role lock), was a very needed feature highly requested by the community and is slightly a solution to make the competitive side of the game more balanced and increases quality of matches.
  13. You can enhance or make your own better custom games with the Workshop feature. You can even make your own Smash Bros., Flappy Bird, golf, and a racing game, plus stupid things like Traffic Dodger, Tactical Crouching, Volleybomb, Reinhardt Slam Fest, D.Va Dogfight: Star Battle, among other random insanity that make Team Fortress 2 community servers look sane by comparison. The possibilites are endless.
  14. Despite being downgraded from the PS4 and Xbox One versions, the visuals on the Nintendo Switch version still look decent.
  15. Recently, the development team is being more in-touch with the community. They are testing a 3-2-1 roleque that will fix tanks, possibly looking for better balance changes, etc.

Bad Qualities

  1. The game is notorious for its loot box system. Although every item obtained via loot boxes are cosmetic only, it's still considered to be the game that started the loot box craze.
  2. Some achievements/trophies are really difficult such as The Floor is Lava, Waste Want, Want Not, Rapid Discord, and Crated. They will need team work to tackle these down. There are people boosting them though.
  3. Symmetra was extremely overpowered, able to run roughshod over the enemy in lower tiers due to the fact her Photon Projector automatically locks on and is hard to shake. It is often said that Symmetra is easy to counter, yet Symmetra players are fond of cheap ambush tactics, leading many frustrated players to deem her a "cheat code disguised as a playable character". Not helping was the fact that Blizzard did nothing except add rather snide voice lines in the first Anniversery Update directly targeting these naysayers, before giving her a massive rework in 2018 that makes her less powerful and moves her to the attack category since she can't heal.
  4. Lack of lore expansion aside of three events and the comics.
  5. The matchmaker breaks very easily even with role queue, it still is prone to smurfs, cheaters, etc.
  6. LFG (look for group or find a group) is a dead feature with only several groups and there's not many for competitive, it also requires certain SR (skill ratings) for it and getting into a game is impossible. It is also prone to deranker groups, because there is no group "quality control".
  7. The Nintendo Switch version suffers from worse framerate, and clunky controls due to the Switch being less powerful than its contemporaries.
  8. Since they are working on the sequel, the game will have a drought of content until the sequel is released besides events. However, they are still willing to take suggestions on balancing and other issues with the game until then.
  9. Though very rare, some of the Subtitles won't match what some of the character's native language they speak.


  • Jeff Kaplen stepped down as director of World of Warcraft so he can direct this game.
  • D.va is the youngest playable character in the game, at 19 years of age, which has gained her a massive following among younger players (mainly those who declare her their waifu).




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I saw a TV advertisement of this game in 2015 on a Russian TV channel. Never got it, unfortunately.

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18 months ago
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The story is told via lore. Duh! There are animated shorts for the game, though two are annouced each year now.


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Ohh, so it’s explained from the shorts, archive events and comics?


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Shut up.


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Also, ban him.


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This game isn't a "clone" of TF2, it is just inspired and there are many differences between the 2.


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Sorry. My apologies.

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Team Fortress 2 also had Pixar-inspired graphics. :|

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I hear Blizzard is releasing a "sequel" that you can still play if you own the original game.

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Imagine searching D.va in R34 Uh oh.


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"Nerf this!" Nah, just kidding.


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Or Tracer, for that matter.

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