PAYDAY: The Heist

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PAYDAY: The Heist
It's time for a PAYDAY... So don your masks, and launch "The Heist"!
Protagonist: The Payday Gang
Genre: First-Person Shooter
Platforms: PlayStation 3
Microsoft Windows
Release Date: 18 October 2011
Developer: Overkill Software
Publisher: Sony Online Entertainment
Franchise: PAYDAY
Next Game: PAYDAY 2

Payday: The Heist is a cooperative first-person shooter video game developed by Overkill Software and published by Sony Online Entertainment. It was released on 18 October 2011, for PlayStation 3 in North America and 2 November 2011, in Europe. It was released on 20 October 2011, for Microsoft Windows via Steam in both the United States and the United Kingdom. The game runs on the Diesel game engine. It contains seven different missions (including the free No Mercy downloadable content (DLC) released on 25 July 2012), with each mission containing random elements which alter the gameplay in subtle ways with the aim of enhancing replayability. On 7 August 2012, the Wolf Pack DLC was released on PlayStation 3 and PC. This DLC adds two heists, additional weapons, increased level cap, and a player upgrade tree.

Why It Rocks

  1. Six intense heists (9 if counting with The Wolf Pack DLC and No Mercy heist).
  2. 4 characters to play with, and you can customize them.
  3. Good gameplay and graphics, plus the framerate is good even on potato PCs and toaster laptops.
  4. Great soundtrack, such as "Gun Metal Grey" (Remixed version of Brian Eno's "Force Marker"), "Breach Of Security" and "Stone Cold".
  5. While there are only 6 Heists (9 if you count the DLC and the No Mercy one), each time you play a heist isn't the same as the last time you played it, for example in a heist called "Diamond Heist" there's a part where you enter the code, sometimes you'll succeed, other times you'll fail to enter them (you won't lose, though).
  6. Each difficulty has its own rewards, like some items sometimes appear only in the hardest difficulty
  7. Feels like the 1995 movie Heat.
  8. If you own The Wolf Pack DLC for the original game, you'll get it in PAYDAY 2 for free!
  9. Good arsenal from the versatile AMCAR-4 to the sharpshooting M308 semi-automatic rifle. While the Wolf Pack DLC adds the GL40 grenade launcher and the Sentry Gun!
  10. There's masks where you can choose that fits your style.
  11. Decent voice acting.

Bad Qualities

  1. The game lacks quite a bit in content.
  2. The sequel has not only more content, but also the heists in this game, making this game outdated.
  3. Most achievements/trophies require you to play the game online, even if it's not multiplayer related.
  4. Poor bot AI, which can be only remediated by using the Better Bots (PDTH Edition) modification.