Plants vs. Zombies

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Plants vs. Zombies
There are zombies on your lawn!
Genre: Tower defense
Platforms: Microsoft Windows
OS X (now called macOS)
Xbox Live
Nintendo DS
PlayStation 3
Release Date:
May 5, 2009
Windows, OS X
NA: May 5, 2009
NA: February 15, 2010 (iPhone)
March 31, 2010 (iPad)

Xbox Live Arcade
NA: September 8, 2010
Nintendo DS
NA: January 18, 2011
EU: May 6, 2011

PlayStation Network
NA: February 8, 2011
PAL: February 9, 2011

NA: March 14, 2011
PAL: May 6, 2011

NA: May 31, 2011 (Amazon AppStore)
December 14, 2011 (Google Play)

Windows Phone
NA: June 22, 2011
PlayStation Vita
February 22, 2012

BlackBerry 10
NA: January 30, 2013
Developer: PopCap Games
Publisher: PopCap Games (originally) Electronic Arts (after being acquired)
Next Game: Plants vs. Zombies 2: It's About Time

Plants vs. Zombies is a tower defense video game developed and originally published by PopCap Games for Microsoft Windows and OS X on May 5, 2009.


The game involves a homeowner using a variety of different plants to prevent an army of zombies from entering their house and "eating their brains".

Why It Rocks

  1. It stands out from other generic zombie games thanks to its use of wacky jokes and features, unlike the usually overly-serious nature of other zombie games.
  2. Puzzle, Survival, and the Minigames all add very entertaining alternate modes of play to the fairly-basic Adventure mode.
  3. Like Angry Birds, the graphics are colorful and impressively cartoon-like for 2009 standards.
  4. Fluent, responsive and easy-to-learn controls.
  5. You can get 40 plants in Adventure mode and 9 from Crazy Dave's Twiddydinkies, resulting in over 49 plants in total.
  6. Fun and addictive mini games, such as Wallnut Bowling or ZomBotany.
  7. Plenty of interesting puzzles you solve, such as Vasebreaker, I, Zombie, and Can You Dig It?.
  8. This game introduced Crazy Dave, the deuteragonist and most likable video game character through the PvZ universe because of his wackiness.
  9. Unique lane-based tower defense in defending the lawn from aggressive zombies.
  10. You can fight Dr. Egdar Zomboss, the main villain of the PvZ universe, who is a very unique boss since he has a wide variety of attacks, so you never know how he'll attack next unlike other bosses that stick with the same formula repeatedly.
  11. 50 levels are divided into 5 lawn defenses in 3 locations of the house and Day or Night.
  12. While simple, the gameplay is funny and enjoyable.
  13. There's a Zen garden, where you can take care plants by watering or anything for their needs so that they are happy to live, and in exchange they give you 10c.
  14. Once you beat a certain amount of levels, you can unlock a suburban almanac that lets you read about both plants you have and zombies you encountered.
  15. Challenging game achievements, which gives you something to do when you beat the game.
  16. The game has a good ending where the zombies stop trying to eat your brains after you defeat Dr. Zomboss, and they decide to make a music video with you instead.
  17. After beating the game, you get rewarded with a great music video with a catchy song.
  18. Without this game, MonadoBoy 16 would have never been focused on Let's Plays.
  19. Lots of plants that can help you in great ways, some good examples are:
    • The Sunflower gives you sun so you can afford to plant more plants.
    • The Wallnut sacrifices itself as a shield so the plants behind it have more time to defeat zombies.
    • The Snow Pea slows down zombies so it can defeat them without them being able to attack in time.
    • The Lantern helps you clear fog so you can see zombies hidden by the fog.
    • The Cherry Bomb explodes zombies so other plants have less to deal with.
    • The Blover blows away flying enemies.
    • The Cabbage Pult lops cabbage at zombies and can throw cabbage over walls, something that is important in the Roof level.
    • The Jalapeno sets a whole row on fire, instantly burning any zombies in the lane.
    • The Cattail shoots homing spikes at zombies.
  20. Excellent soundtrack, such as Braniac Maniac, The Roof, Loonboon and the previously mentioned music video.
  21. Along with Angry Birds, it became one of the most recognized mobile games and helped make mobile games popular, and is still being played to this day, and as a matter of fact is one of the most recognized games in general.
  22. If a zombie were to get past all your plants, you wouldn't have to worry much since a lawnmower that was hiding behind the plants would be waiting for them and will run that zombie over, along with other zombies in the lane.
    • However, each lawnmower can only be used once.
  23. Sometimes, the game will attempt to change up its formula, as sometimes it will let you pick plants from a conveyor rather than saving up sun to get one, and there's one level where you play bowling with Wallnuts.
  24. Good voice acting.
  25. Getting to see all the zombies get defeated one by one is very satisfying.
  26. The Nintendo DS/DSiWare ports run surprisingly well, even with hardware limitations.

Bad Qualities

  1. The gameplay can be rather slow, something that is remedied in Plants vs. Zombies 2 or by the use of Cheat Engine.
  2. As said above, when you finish the game, a great song will be present, but it is not seen on iOS and Android, it used to be on them, but an update removed the song.
  3. There is no horde music in the iOS and Android version of the game.
  4. Some of the achievements are pretty difficult to get, Lucky Spin is an example.
  5. Some plants have bad features, some examples of this are the Puff-Shroom's terrible range or the Chomper taking its sweet time chewing up zombies.
  6. Some zombies are pretty annoying, most infamously the Bungee Zombie that takes your plants and the Miner Zombie that digs its way to the other side and eats your plants from there.
  7. The gameplay can get a bit repetitive since it's mostly just planting plants.
  8. Cattail can be a bit overpowered if you have many of them on your lawn.
  9. If we compare it with its second game, the game is incredibly easy and that can get boring over time.


The game received a positive response from critics, and was nominated for multiple Interactive Achievement Awards, alongside receiving praise for its musical score. A sequel, Plants vs. Zombies 2: It's About Time, was released on August 15, 2013 for mobile platforms.





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I have this game on PC


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One of the only mobile games that I legit enjoy playing. Like Angry Birds, it's a relic to the long-lost past of mobile games being actually good instead of the garbage pay-to-win shovelware we have today

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