Quake III Arena

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Quake III Arena
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"Welcome to Quake III Arena." -Announcer
Genre: First-person shooter
Platforms: Microsoft Windows

Mac OS X
Sega Dreamcast
PlayStation 2
Xbox 360

Release Date: December 2, 1999
Developer: id Software
Publisher: Activision
Franchise: Quake
Previous Game: Quake II
Next Game: Quake 4

Quake III Arena is a first-person shooter video game developed by id Software and released in December 1999. It is the third game in the Quake series. It first released for Microsoft Windows, and later ported to Linux, Mac OS, Sega Dreamcast, PlayStation 2, Xbox 360 and iOS.

Why It Rocks

  1. The game focuses more on multiplayer action, unlike previous games in the series, yet despite this it has a single player campaign that's basically a fight against bots.
  2. The bots are charismatic characters with lots of funny lines. They can even response to your messages like chatbots! (Try typing "lol" or "John Carmack sucks" to them.)
  3. There are characters from previous id Software games, such as Doomguy, Ranger and Bitterman.
    • You can even play with a skin of John Carmack!
  4. Fast-paced gameplay.
  5. Most of maps are easy to memorize.
  6. The new trick move, "plasma climb", is a great addition to already existing rocket jumping and strafe jumping.
  7. Awesome soundtrack by Sonic Mayhem (who also did the Quake II soundtrack) and Front Line Assembly.
  8. Outstanding visuals, even they aged very well.
  9. Athmospherous and creepy map design.
  10. The game's multiplayer mode led to it developing a large community of competitive players and it was used extensively in professional electronic sports tournaments.
  11. Huge modding community.
  12. The game's engine, id Tech 3, has been used in several other games.
  13. The game has an updated version on Steam known as Quake Live, which includes both this game and its expansion, Quake 3 Team Arena (the game used to be free to play in your browser, but it became pay to play).
  14. The Dreamcast version is one of the best console ports at the time, the online community on it is still active even today!

Bad Qualities

  1. The bots are pretty stupid compared to ones in Unreal Tournament; they rely on aiming rather than on actual AI. In Hardcore and Nightmare difficulties, they're very unbearable and their aiming with certain weapons such as the Railgun is too accurate, similar to an LMAOBOX hacker in Team Fortress 2.
  2. No story in single player (though this is because the game was meant to focus more on multiplayer).
  3. Older players didn't like some dubious changes of balance and movement physics. They made some mods to improve them, such as CPMA and OSP.
  4. It is almost impossible to find a good server for newbies. Most of servers are full of players with 10+ years experience, and regular players have no chance against them. If you want to play some online (not in Quake Live), better gather some friends.
  5. Lackluster PS2 port done by Electronic Arts that has no online multiplayer (due to the PS2 not having its online feature at the time) and suffers from very long loading times (about a minute average), a result of poor optimization.


Reviews for the game were very positive, with many describing the game as fast and addictive. Most reviewers felt the game was best when played with others online.





15 months ago
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I visited an Apple Computer museum 2-3 months ago, and I saw Quake III Arena being played on an old Mac laptop from 2000s here.

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