Ragdoll Laser Dodge

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Ragdoll Laser Dodge
Now that's a dodge.
Protagonist: Silver Ragdoll
Genre: Action
Platforms: Adobe Flash
Developer: StupidFlashGames101

Ragdoll Laser Dodge is an old Adobe Flash game that was developed and released by StupidFlashGames101. The game centers around a silver ragdoll that tries to dodge oncoming lasers.

Why It Rocks

  1. You can play with mouse or keyboard depending on your opinion.
  2. The game does a very good job tricking player once every 35-40 seconds (without slow-down pickup).
    • Surviving for 5 minutes in this game is very pleasing.
  3. There is a constant supply of multiplier pickup, so score farming becomes easier and easier (at the expense of game's difficulty).
    • It's possible to get a million points within 6-7 minutes. If you can survive that long.
  4. Ragdoll gets dismembered when got hit by a laser, which may be useful in further levels.
  5. Background music is Chaoz Fantasy by ParagonX9, the essential Flash game music, a.k.a. Flash national anthem.
  6. With graphical downgrade and some gameplay sacrifices (such as background music and ragdoll features), its possible to port this game to Atari 2600!

Bad Qualities

  1. Background music quality is low, which is shared with most of other Flash games from the time.
  2. This game can be quite hard and tricky for first time players.


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