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Red Dead Redemption 2

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Red Dead Redemption 2
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"Nothin' means more to me than this gang, the bond that we share. It's the most real thing to me. I would kill for it, I would happily die for it."
Arthur Morgan
Protagonist(s): Arthur Morgan (Chapters I-VI)
John Marston (Epilogue)
Genre(s): Action-Adventure
Rating(s): ESRB: M
PEGI: 18
Platform(s): Microsoft Windows
PlayStation 4
Xbox One
Release: PlayStation 4, Xbox One
October 26, 2018
Microsoft Windows
November 5, 2019
November 19, 2019
Engine: RAGE
Developer(s): Rockstar Studios[1]
Publisher(s): Rockstar Games
Country: Canada
United Kingdom
United States
Series: Red Dead
Predecessor: Red Dead Redemption

Red Dead Redemption 2 (stylized as Red Dead Redemption II) is a western-themed action-adventure video game released for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on October 26, 2018. A prequel to 2010's Red Dead Redemption. The Windows version was released on November 5, 2019 and the Stadia port was released as its launch title on November 19, 2019.


In 1899, the Wild-West era is coming to an end, and the game tells a story of Arthur Morgan, a member of the Van der Linde gang. The Van der Linde was involved in a failed bank robbery in Blackwater, and they are forced to flee from Blackwater and from pursuing federal agents and bounty hunters. Arthur Morgan and the Van der Linde gang must fight through the lands north of Blackwater to survive. In addition to being pursued, growing tensions within the gang also threaten to tear it apart, and Arthur is forced to make decisions between his ideals and the gang's ideals.

Why It Makes You Like A True Cowboy

  1. Extremely large and detailed open-world game compared to the previous installment, which can only rival the 2013's open-world game Grand Theft Auto V.
  2. The game has even more towns and villages to explore in the second game (not counting the RDR1 maps), such as Annesburg, which is an amazing reference to Roanoke Ridge, NH, Armadillo which it's also a good reference to Cholla Springs, NA, Not only that but Red Dead Redemption 2, has a city near the swamps and at the east map of the game is Saint-Denis, a beautiful reference to New Orleans from the state of Louisiana.
  3. Excellent voice acting, especially for Roger Clark, Benjamin Byron Davis, Robert Allen Wiethoff, etc..
  4. The Honor system is back from the first game but now it can change the personality of Arthur Morgan whether you have high honor or low honor for example if you have high honor, Arthur will be more selfless and more kinder while if you have low honor Arthur will be more Greedy and more selfish. Also Honor will change some cutscenes such as Arthur getting sick or Arthur's last ride
  5. Arthur Morgan is a very complex, well written, and fairly likable protagonist. He is also entertaining as John Marston, if not even better (many consider him to be one of the best-written video game protagonists).
    • Arthur and John are also both entertaining together.
  6. It has a very lengthy, engaging storyline, it serves as a prequel on how the Van Der Linde gang disbanded and how John became hunted in the events in the first game.
  7. Has a slew of likable and well written supporting cast of characters in the Van Der Linde gang, including Dutch Van Der Linde, Hosea Matthews, John Marston, Charles Smith, Sadie Adler, Kieran Duffy, Lenny Summers, etc.. Even one of Rockstar Games' most hated characters, Micah Bell is brilliantly written.
  8. It introduces four multiple endings, depending on choosing to help John or to go back to get your camp's money and your honor bar, whatever you're good, or bad.
  9. Unlike its previous installment, you can finally swim, as long as you are close enough to the land.
  10. Just like in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, you can drive trains around the world!
  11. It has more fun minigames than the first game, such as fishing and others.
  12. A realistic survival system in which you must eat food and drink to keep health and stamina and changing clothing due to a temperature system.
  13. Similar to Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, it has an RPG-like system and it's even better executed than ever!
  14. Red Dead Redemption did portray the near-end wild west era realistically, but Red Dead Redemption 2 did it even more and very accurately back in 1899, and even then in 1907.
  15. Astonishingly breathtaking and truly phenomenal photorealistic graphics with mesmerizingly stunning and gorgeous lighting and particle effects, absolutely stellar environment designs, superb texture and model finesse, high production values, outstanding technical achievements, startlingly lifelike animations, lots of absurd visual spectacles, and considerable and extraordinarily exceptional levels of hefty and extreme attention to detail. Actually, the details are so huge that horse testicles shrink in the cold in the game (yes, seriously, just like how horse testicles shrink in the cold in real life).
    • The PC port further enhances the graphics in every way possible, making it a must-play for gamers who like graphics.
  16. Beautiful scenery.
  17. They give a funny explanation of John not being able to swim in the first game by saying that he isn't a good swimmer.
  18. The game has some really funny moments such as getting knocked out if you talk nasty to your camp members.
  19. You can rob trains at any time, there's even a part that's a reference to San Andreas's train mission "Wrong Side of the Tracks".
  20. Has a huge of variety of wild and domesticated animals that the player can interact with and hunt in the open world, including 19 different breeds of horses (that can be either broken from the wild or purchased from horse stables). The animals also behave realistically according to their behavior and environment.
  21. You can now name your horse at any horse store in the game.
  22. Excellent soundtrack, with it stays faithful to the original games' soundtrack, and it's western themes, and more famously, the most memorable song "May I?".
  23. Arthur Morgan's death is heartbreaking.
  24. Skinning animals is far more satisfying than was in the previous game. The animations of Arthur/John skinning an animal are very realistic and gruesome to the point that it can be even more gruesome than the infamous PETA browser games or the Mortal Kombat series especially Mortal Kombat 11.
  25. You can customize your guns and knives at a gunsmith.
  26. There are legendary animals which can be used to make special outfits at the trapper, like the legendary Bharati Grizzly Bear.

Bad Qualities

  1. The infamous minigame "Five Finger Fillet" returns. Thankfully, it's easier to play this minigame on the PC port instead of the console versions.
  2. The cheat codes are not really words, but mostly sentences, making them harder to remember and causing the whole ordeal to be even more infuriating for the player.
  3. Attempting to go to an area that has not yet unlocked can get you a wanted level (or rather its equivalent) for the first time since Grand Theft Auto IV.
  4. Unlike the previous game, the Mexican state area Nuevo Paraiso is completely inaccessible without the use of mods or exploits.
  5. You can't give your horses bad or funny names, unlike in the first game.
  6. Some side missions are exclusive to the special editions.
  7. You can't swim for a long time as Arthur will run out of stamina and take damage before drowning. Also, John Marston runs out of stamina the second he touches deep water.
  8. Antagonists such as Leviticus Cornwall and Colm O'Driscoll are rather underutilized.
  9. The multiplayer mode "Red Dead Online", is stuffed with microtransactions just like GTA Online from Grand Theft Auto V, complete with pitiful payouts, excessive grinding, and goods locked behind Gold Bars, all for the sake of squeezing as much money out of players as possible.
  10. The PC version had a disastrous launch, even worse than GTA IV's PC port. Though updates have since improved the game.
  11. The PC version has always-online DRM. Opening the game without an internet connection will greet you with an "Activation Error" messsage.


The game received overwhelming critical acclaim from critics and fans alike. Metacritic scores a game 97/100 "universal acclaim".

Many critics agree that this game is a major improvement to a predecessor in every way possible and considered the greatest Rockstar game so far, let along 2010's.

Despite not winning the Game Award for Game of the Year in 2018, it still won several game awards.

Angry Joe gave this game a 9/10.

The game sold 17 million copies during the first 2 weeks of release, making it the best selling game of 2018.


  • It spawned memes like, Uncle's "Lumbago", Dutch's "I have a plan" and Arthur's "LENNY!!!"
  • Animals will hunt each other.
  • You can get struck by lighting.
  • There are 300,000 individual animations.
  • The St. Denis police will use whistles whenever chasing the player to alert nearby citizens to leave the area.
    • Additionally, a different sound can be heard from the whistle. In missions such as Angelo Bronte a man of honour and Banking, The Old American Art, they will use a Scout Master whistle. In free roam, they use normal whistles.
  • This is the most expensive video game ever made, with a total budget of $540 million.



  1. A collaborative effort between Rockstar Toronto, Rockstar India, Rockstar Leeds, Rockstar London, Rockstar New England, Rockstar North, and Rockstar San Diego.


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