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Remedy Entertainment
The developers behind Max Payne and Alan Wake.
Founded: August 18, 1995
Founder: Samuli Syvähuoko
Markus Mäki
Sami Nopanen
John Kavaleff
Sami Vanhatalo
Headquarters: Espoo, Finland
Key people: Tero Virtala (CEO)
Markus Mäki (chairman)
Sam Lake (creative director)
Terhi Kauppi (CFO)

Remedy Entertainment Oyj, also known as Remedy Entertainment Ltd. (or just commonly Remedy) is a Finnish developer based in Espoo, Finland. Founded in 1995, the company is well known for developing Max Payne, Quantum Break, Alan Wake, Control and Death Rally.

Games Developed

  1. Death Rally (1996)
  2. Max Payne
  3. Max Payne 2: The Fall of Max Payne
  4. Alan Wake
  5. Death Rally (2011)
  6. Alan Wake's American Nightmare
  7. Agents of Storm
  8. Quantum Break
  9. Control
  10. CrossfireX
  11. CrossFire HD

Why They And Their Games Rock

  1. They're best known for developing Max Payne and Alan Wake, which they're pretty good.
  2. Their games are pretty fun, challenging and have good plots.
  3. They established bullet time as a game mechanic.
  4. Sami Järvi AKA Sam Lake, is well adored by the Max Payne fanbase thanks to his famous "Constipated Grimace" and well known as the main protagonist's definitive face model. Even his poem inspired "Late Goodbye " by Poets Of The Fall, which was also featured in the sequel.
  5. Great soundtracks, especially in Max Payne with its sequel.
  6. They managed to make Max Payne 2's visuals look good before the release of Valve Software's Half-Life 2.
  7. Their games have a lot of well done psychological elements.

Bad Qualities

  1. It was reported that the next-gen upgrade for Control will be free, but you have to buy the Ultimate Edition of the game to get it, which costs $40.


  • The company was founded by some employees of Future Crew, the demogroup that created PC demos and software. The most notable are Unreal and Second Reality.




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The company was founded by some members of the Future Crew demogroup, whose best known for their demos, Unreal and Second Reality.


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Facts. I've already added this on Trivia section.


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Can we add Alan Wake and American Nightmare to this wiki?

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