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Ristar front.jpeg
A Star child is born.
Protagonist: Ristar
Genre: Action Adventure
Platforms: Sega Genesis, Game Gear
Release Date: EU:January 1995

NA:February 16, 1995 JP:February 17, 1995 AU:February 19, 1995

Developer: Sega
Publisher: Sega
Next Game: Ristar 2 (Cancelled)

Ristar' Also known as "Ristar the Shooting Star" in japan and korea. is a game developed and published by Sega on 1995.


Japanese version: In A far off galaxy, a space pirate Kaiser Greedy uses his mind control to make people obey him, the inhabitants of Planet Neer pray for the legendry hero before Riho takes The Elder. The mother of the shooting stars Ourto awakens one of her children Ristar to stop Greedy and the brainwashed leaders to restore peace to the Valdi System.

International version: Ristar's father The Legendary Hero is kidnapped by Greedy and Ristar needs to save his father.

Why It Rocks

  1. Awesome graphics for a genesis game.
  2. Tight controls.
  3. Challenging boss fights.
  4. Nice sountrack.
  5. Ristar's design is awesome and is cute at the same time.
    • In fact ristar made a cameo in the Obscure dreamcast game Segagaga & Sonic And All Stars Racing transform.
  6. The final Boss is challenging and has great patterns.
  7. The Japanese version has more passwords to use.
  8. The Game Gear version has different boss fights to challenge.

Bad Qualities

  1. The Game Gear version is inferior and suffers from screen-crunch.
  2. While the boss fights are fine they overstay there welcome.
  3. The Imfamous "Play with me" quote.
  4. You cannot save your score after you beat the game, making the score meaningless.
  5. Just like Dynamite Headdy, the localization is can be quite strange and weird.


During it's release, Ristar gained positive reception by critics. Game spot gave the game a 7.6/10, IGN gave the game a 8/10, Sega 16 had it at 9/10 while Honest gamers gave the game a 10/10, while Nintendo life gave it a 9/10, Thunderbolt gave it a 9/10. Both the Genesis and Game Gear ports were praised for there amazing graphics, sound and gameplay.


As said on WIR #5 Ristar made a cameo in the sega dreamcast game Segagaga and Sonic and all stars racing transform.




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