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Living proof that being disabled is no excuse for not fulfilling your dreams
Profile: RockyNoHands
Style: Let's Play & Streaming
Date Joined: March 20, 2012
Twitter: RockyNoHands
Facebook: Rocky Stoutenburgh
Other Media: Twitch: RockyNoHands
Instagram: RockyNoHands
Mixer: RockyNoHands
No. of videos: 140+
Schedule: Inconsistent
Status: Active
Subscriber Count: 42K+

RockyNoHands (real name: Rocky Stoutenburgh; born: April 22, 1987 [age 32]) is an American quadraplegic Twitch streamer and YouTube Let's Player. He gained fame after a video of him winning a round of PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds went viral thanks to its feature on gaming compilation channel Prestige Clips's first PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds video.

Why He Rocks

  1. Rocky may be disabled, but thanks to his younger brother Andrew "IamAndrewRush" Stoutenburgh and the Quadstick, he is able to play any games he wants.
  2. While most people can learn how to play games very quickly, Rocky spent years relearning how to use the computer using the Quadstick. This show that he is willing to learn new things despite his disability.
  3. He is very nice to his fans and family and can take criticism.
  4. He is really good at the games that he plays, mostly PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds and Fortnite.
  5. He is willing to try games that are out of his comfort zone, like Getting Over It With Bennett Foddy and Brawlhalla.
  6. For Halloween, Rocky even live-streamed himself trying to carve a pumpkin using his mouth and even had a nick on his lip in the process. This shows that he is willing to learn and try new things outside of gaming.

Some of RockyNoHands's videos

RockyNoHands's official channel trailer
The very first video uploaded on his channel
The most-viewed video on his channel
The video that got him famous


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