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Rovio Entertainment

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Rovio Entertainment
Rovio Entertainment.png
We craft joy.
Founded: November 10, 2003 (as Relude Oy)
Founder(s): Niklas Hed
Jarno Väkeväinen
Kim Dikert
Headquarters: Espoo, Finland
Key people: Alexandre Pelletier-Normand (CEO)
René Lindell (CFO)
Ville Heijari (CMO)
Subsidiaries: PlayRaven

Rovio Entertainment Corporation (formerly known as Relude Oy and later Rovio Mobile, Rovio Entertainment Ltd.) is a Finnish video game developer, publisher, distributor and an entertainment company based in Espoo, Finland. The company was founded in 2003 as a mobile game development studio. The company is best known for the Angry Birds series, and Red, the main protagonist of said series, is the company's mascot. The company's name is derived from the Finnish word for pyre, which is a structure used for cremation at a funeral.

Why They Craft Joy

  1. They are known for the creation of the Angry Birds series, which is very awesome to see.
  2. Other than the Angry Birds franchise, many of their games are actually good.
  3. Their first film, The Angry Birds Movie, is still good and fun to watch in theaters despite the mixed reviews by critics.
  4. Overwhelmingly likeable Angry Birds characters to make a lot of fun, including the main antagonists of the franchise, the Bad Piggies.
  5. Sometimes, they have good customer support.
  6. The first Angry Birds game has received positive reviews and is considered one of the best mobile applications in all time and all over the world.
  7. The merchandise, at the time, was actually pretty cool. Such as the original branded plushies created by Commonwealth Toys.
  8. The company partnered up with some other studios to make a mashup/crossover from the other movies like the Star Wars saga and Transformers
  9. Stella was a pretty cool and cute addition to the flock, and recieved a standalone game that was free with minimal ads, and no in app purchases.
  10. Their non Angry Birds games are fun too, like Amazing Alex & Retry.
  11. In January 2020, they brought back Bad Piggies, and later, announced the return of the the older games, which makes Rovio made a good apology from hearing complaints from the older fans.
  12. Many great Angry Birds spinoff games, such as Angry Birds Go!, Angry Birds Epic, Angry Birds Fight, & Angry Birds Stella.
  13. Some of the pre-Angry Birds games such as Darkest Fear, Paid to Kill, and War Diary were underrated classics.
  14. The 2022 remake of Angry Birds, despite some flaws, is actually a decent comeback.

Bad Qualities

  1. Some of their games are pay-to-win, such as the 2.0 era of Angry Birds Go! meaning that they got too cocky on the success of the franchise.
  2. A controversy about original Angry Birds being a knockoff of Crush the Castle, released in the same year.
  3. They kept milking the Angry Birds series, although it’s justified since their other games weren’t as well known, such as Amazing Alex, a game cancelled in 2015, even if it caused them to be on Crappy Games Wiki.
  4. They stopped making their games on the consoles, delisting Angry Birds Trilogy from the PlayStation Network, Xbox LIVE and the Nintendo stores.
  5. Sadly, after the release of The Angry Birds Movie, Stella got demoted to a side character (main appearence in Pop!), and now, she's only an occasional cameo.
  6. They removed all of the non-Angry Birds games from the store, and removed the spin offs that were actually fun (Epic and Go!), and replaced them with lame spin offs that have already been done numerous times before.
  7. They once did a Java mobile port of Need for Speed: Carbon in partnership with EA before Angry Birds existed, which was straight up horrid due to the horribly made car models and graphics, with no boss races or even a story mode. It was also not a good start to their career.


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