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Samurai Shodown (2019)

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Samurai Shodown (2019)
Samurai Shodown (2019).png
Embrace Death, and no one can stop you.
Genre(s): Fighting
Platform(s): PlayStation 4
Xbox One
Nintendo Switch
Release: PlayStation 4 & Xbox One:
WW: June 25, 2019
JP: June 27, 2019
JP: October 24, 2019
November 19, 2019
Nintendo Switch:
JP: December 12, 2019
WW: February 25, 2020
WW: June 11, 2020
Engine: Unreal Engine 4
Developer(s): SNK
Publisher(s): Athlon Games
Series: Samurai Shodown
Predecessor: Samurai Shodown Sen
Samurai Shodown V (For the following timeline)
Successor: Samurai Shodown (1993) (For the following timeline)

Samurai Shodown (known as Samurai Spirits in Japan) is a fighting game developed by SNK released in June 2019. The game is a reboot of the Samurai Shodown series and the first "mainline" game since 2008's Samurai Shodown Sen, marking an 11 year gap between the releases themselves. This is also the first SNK game having to utilize Unreal Engine graphics (in this case, Unreal Engine 4) and the second of the official chronology, succeeding Samurai Shodown V.

Why It Rocks

  1. A Good roster of 16 (or 29 if you count as DLC) characters to choose from.
  2. Amazing graphics.
  3. Awesome soundtrack.
  4. The newcomers are cool.
  5. There are 15 stages to fight on.
  6. Beautiful artworks and cutscenes.
  7. Returning characters from classic fan favorite Samurai Shodown characters such as Shiki.
    • Rimururu, Basara, Kazuki, Wan-Fu, Mina, Sogetsu, Iroha, Cham Cham and Amakusa also returns to the game as DLC.
    • There is a free update where there is Shizumaru and Gongsun Li as free DLC characters and a free stage.
  8. Speaking of her, This is the first canon character of Samurai Shodown series to feature Iroha, where she originally appear in non-canon dream match game: Samurai Shodown VI.
  9. Fighting mechanics are cool.
  10. Unlike SNK Heroines Switch port the Switch port runs at the much desired 60FPS target.
  11. The Xbox Series X port can run at 120FPS.

Bad Qualities

  1. Long loading screen.
  2. Bad netcode especially at launch.
  3. Tedious final boss. like other Fighting Game Bosses (especially SNK), Shizuka can throw projects and her second phase where she can teleport around the arena and she use 3 different super moves that can deal ludicrous amount of damage.
  4. Ghost match mode, The mode where you create a ghost AI after choosing any character in any modes and you fight your own or people's ghost AI. unfortunately, the ghost AIs are broken and unresponsive.
  5. Lackluster story, it only reduces to make all the characters fight against an evil spirit who has an unrequited love, a far cry from other game stories in the series.


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