Silent Hill: Shattered Memories

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Silent Hill: Shattered Memories
Platforms: PlayStation 2
Nintendo Wii
PlayStation Portable
Release Date: Nintendo Wii
NA: 8 December 2009
EU: 26 February 2010
JP: 25 March 2010
AU: 22 April 2010

PlayStation 2 & PlayStation Portable
NA: 19 January 2010
EU: 26 February 2010
JP: 25 March 2010
AU: 22 April 2010

Developer: Climax Studios
Publisher: Konami
Made in: United Kingdom
Franchise: Silent Hill

Silent Hill: Shattered Memories is the seventh installment in the Silent Hill survival horror series. The game was developed by Climax Studios and published by Konami. It is a stand-alone re-imagining of the original Silent Hill video game. It is set in a different universe from the main canon, including the story, characters, relations, and locations.

Good Qualities

  1. One of the main new gameplay features for Shattered Memories is the way the world reacts to the player's actions, known as the Psych Profile.
  2. Different actions yield different results, in a manner more advanced than the simple "good or bad" responses that have been prevalent in most games that use this mechanic.
  3. The game is played in both first person and third person perspectives.
  4. A cellphone is the protagonist´s main tool, which allows to take pictures, receive important messages, save the game, consult the map, etc.
  5. The player is absolutely helpless and must escape from enemies, adding so much tension to the game.
  6. Superior graphics and detail in all of its ports.
  7. Soundtrack composed by Akira Yamaoka, with Mary Elizabeth McGlynn, who provided the vocals for some of the game tracks.
  8. The Wii port is considered the best thanks to the realism added with the Wiimote.
  9. Multiple endings, among them the series' traditional UFO joke ending.
  10. Lots of replay value.

Bad Qualities

  1. There's no combat whatsoever. When you encounter enemies your only option is to run away from them. However, just because the player is running away from enemies, doesn't mean it's scary.
  2. It doesn't make sense why they released the game on PlayStation 2 since the PlayStation 3 had already been out for 3 years at this point.
  3. No sense of anticipation since there is nothing to anticipate while exploring. There is literally nothing to be afraid of since the coast is always cleared and enemies don't show up in the darkness.
  4. Despite that it is well received, it was an objectively bad time for the franchise.


The graphics were praised, including the detail of the environments. The flashlight was well-received, critics commented that it gave "pixel perfect" accuracy. The psychological evaluation system overall was also a well-implemented feature that gave the game a unique experience.




7 months ago
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It's funny how the series got rebooted with this game (by a completely different studio) but came back crashing down with downpour.

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