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Genre: MMO action
Platforms: Web Browsers, iOS, Android
Release Date: Browser: March 25, 2016
iOS: March 25, 2016
Android: March 27, 2016
Developer: Steve Howse
Publisher: Steve Howse (Browser, iOS)
Lowtech Studios (Android) is a MMO action game developed by Steve Howse and released on Web browsers, iOS and Android in 2016.

In this game, the player controls a snake that must eat pellets to become longer and larger. The goal is to become the largest snake in a large circle area.

Why It Rocks

  1. While the goal of the game is to become the longest snake in the area, the bigger you are, the slower you turn making the controls harder. This turns into a challenge when you are the largest snake on the server and you have to avoid as many tiny snakes who are trying to kill you as possible.
  2. When you kill another snake, it explodes into a bunch of pellets which you can eat to grow even faster!
  3. You can crawl faster by holding the left mouse button, which is very useful for killing other snakes. It also makes you lose weight, making abusing that boost barely possible while fighting other snakes.
  4. Lots of strategies you can choose while playing.
  5. Colorful graphics.
  6. It became so popular, many other game developers were inspired of it to make their own ".io" games.
    • Clones of this game got made as well, such as and, and they also rock, although they might have worse physics.
  7. The mobile ports of the game are also impressive.
  8. A large number of skins you can choose from, also featuring popular YouTubers (PewDiePie, jacksepticeye, ArcadeGo, Jelly, Slogoman, Kwebbelkop).
  9. Many mods got made to enhance the game, with additionnal features such as custom backgrounds, using IP adresses from a server website to play in faster servers, and even an enhanced version of the custom skin creator!
  10. Unlike many other .io games, you can barely find any teamers and trolls here at all. This makes the experience insane!

Bad Qualities

  1. Mostly extremely laggy. The low FPS problem is caused by the high performances that can barely be changed. Though fortunately, like said above, they made websites and mods that show IP addresses of servers with the lowest ping that you can copy-paste into the server search bar that's only available in most mods to make the ping lower, and with lower graphics settings to increase the FPS.
  2. A lack of game modes, such as a teams mode.
  3. Most of the mods have a zoom feature which allows you to see further, which is just cheating considering they're mods and not actual game features.
  4. Unfortunately it doesn't support cross-play with other platforms.


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