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"Reviewer, Entertainer, Coffee Drinker"
Profile: SomeCallMeJohnny
Style: Reviews
Date Joined: March 4, 2008
Twitter: Somecallmejon
Other Media: Twitch: somecallmejohnny
No. of videos: 661+
Schedule: 1-2 times a month
Status: Active
Subscriber Count: 389K+

Juan Ortiz, commonly known as SomecallmeJohnny, is an American video game reviewer. He was originally half of the duo (now trio) called The Super Gaming Bros., alongside his younger brother Elliot, who eventually left the channel. Since then, Johnny does reviews by himself under the banner "Johnny vs. [insert game name]". His reviews are typically informative but mix some comedy and animations drawn by himself. At first, Johnny gave scores in his reviews but he eventually dropped them.

The initial Super Gaming Bros. channel was repurposed into a Let's Play channel that Johnny runs alongside Elliot and his friend Matt.

Johnny has reviewed games of popular video game franchises such as Sonic the Hedgehog, Castlevania, Metroid, and Super Mario Bros., sometimes dedicating a month/marathon to a particular series (for a list of games he has covered, see here). He also has a let's play channel with Elliot and his friend Matt and is one of the primary members of BrainScratchCommentaries.

List of Reviewed Games

Why He Rocks

  1. His reviews are an excellent blend of comedic and informative.
  2. Unlike most gaming YouTubers, Johnny doesn't gravitate towards a single platform, and has reviewed games on multiple devices.
  3. He is well known for being a dedicated Sonic the Hedgehog fan, albeit a reasonable one and he's not blind to the poor quality of some Sonic games.
  4. Although Johnny does swear during his videos, he never overuses it. He is also not afraid to express some of his unpopular opinions without being rude to his fans.
  5. Despite his preferences, he is always open to franchises he loves trying something new, even with the possibility that he won't like it.
  6. As the Super Gaming Brothers, he used to do some pretty funny skits with his brothers. His review of Resident Evil 2 remake harkens back to this old style.
  7. He is ever grateful not only to his fans for his success as a content creator, but also to his family. He even invited Elliott to be in his 10 year celebration review of their lives. Unlike DSPGaming however, Johnny doesn't make his longevity a massive deal and he acknowledges everyone involved in his success, and uses his 10th anniversary to reflect on his growth as not just a Youtuber, but as a person as well.
  8. He is a big supporter of indie games and independent game developers.

The Only Bad Quality.

  1. Some of his old reviews were deleted, Thankfully there reuploaded (exepct sa1, sa2, heroes and shadow the hedgehog).


  • Johnny has a habit of drinking coffee during reviews.
  • On rare occasions he can get emotional during reviews of games he has a backstory with, like with Super Mario Sunshine when he went on a drunk rambling about how he spent an entire summer 100% completing the game but his reward was nothing but a photo, then in his Ecco de Dolphin he mentioned how the game terrified him as a kid.
  • As of his review of The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker, Johnny now has an intro theme for his reviews.
  • Johnny made a guest appearance in Caddicarus' review of Bubsy 3D where he warned Caddicarus that "Bubsy 3D is worse than murder!". Johnny and Caddy also made a collaboration review of Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy.
  • Johnny has stated that he loves cats. In 2018, Johnny adopted a 4-week old kitten, which he named Seline. Now a fully grown cat, she has made a few appearances in his reviews ever since.
  • While Johnny mostly operates on his own nowadays, his brother Elliott occasionally appears in some of his videos. Such videos include their revisit of Sonic Unleashed, Resident Evil 2 remake, and his 10 year celebration video, "SGB vs Ourselves".
  • The old big rigs review was originally a tribute, but due to copyright claims, the video was blocked. (The old video can be found here.[1])



His very first Johnny vs. video
Newest intro (theme song by Tee Lopes)


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