Spark the Electric Jester

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Spark the Electric Jester
Genre: Platformer
Platforms: Microsoft Windows
Release Date: Microsoft Windows
WW: April 10, 2017
Developer: Feperd Games
Publisher: Feperd Games
Next Game: Spark the Electric Jester 2

Spark the Electric Jester is a 2017 indie video game made by LakeFeperd, originally know for his Sonic fan games. The game is about Spark, who after losing his job by a robot name Fark, decides to go on an adventure to get his job back and as well as to also having to saving the world by robots in the game. The game incorporates elements from the old Kirby, Mega Men X and mainly Sonic games.


The gameplay shares a strong resemblance to the early 2D Sonic games as both games have loops, trampolines, a focus for speed and similar level designs. However, unlike the 2D Sonic games, Spark has to used his fingers to make a combo attack and can used his charge attack to kill his enemies in a similar way to the Mega Man X games and he can also used a variety of power ups similar to the Kirby games.

Why It Rocks

  1. The concept of making a Sonic game with a Mega Man X4 combat system and Kirby power ups from the Adventure or the Super Star game that this game has is very interesting and it’s well executed in this game.
  2. While the games does follow and have the same steps of the 2D Sonic games, it is still able to stand on it’s own as a unique game. In addition, the power ups were even more of a step up on it’s main source of inspiration.
  3. You are able to play with each of the two characters with there only unique abilities that are perfect for speedrunning.
    • Spark is able to run fast, attack with his fingers, do a charge attack, has a static bar and used a variety of power ups. He also has a gauge bar which if full will launch a powerful attack. He also get a Super mode just like Sonic in the Final Boss of the game.
    • Fark is just like Spark however unlike Spark, Fark isn’t able to used power ups and his static bar is different from Spark. He is able to gain static by either attacking enemies or by parrying attacks. If his static bar is full, he is able to get a Super mode just like Spark thought it will disappear if you get hit once.
  4. The Jester power ups Spark gets are awesome and nice too used, some of them are but not limited too
    • The Wind Jester allows you to double jump, dash in the air and turns you into a ball like Sonic.
    • The Plasma Sword allows you to shoot plasma waves during attack and makes you super fast for a while when holding and releasing the attack button.
    • The Magical Jester, a Kirby inspired power up allows you to shoot 3 Stars during attack. If you charge it’s attack then you will shoot a magical beam. If the static bar is full, then it will cause a powerful star rain around the entire screen that caused decent damage for a while.
    • The Archer Jester allows Spark to use a Crossbow to shoot Arrows. Charge up the attack and release it, then you will be able to shoot stronger orange arrows for a while.
    • The Megagram Hammer, another Kirby inspired power up allows Spark to slash enemies with a big hammer, if you down plus to attack to the ground, rock will appear.When Static bar is full, you are able either do a Moon slash or a Rock gun if you down plus.
  5. Memorable Boss Battles in which some of them are based on the Jester abilities themeselves, some of the bosses are
    • Kerana, based on the Archer ability.
    • Seam, based on the Plasma Sword.
    • Megagram, based on the Hammer ability.
  6. Simple yet decent story with some funny moments here and there.
  7. Some of the characters are likeable such as Spark who is determined to get his job back no matter what.
    • Fark is another likeable character as he helps Spark and joins his side near the end of the game.
  8. Amazing Soundtrack, The team did a phenomenal job doing the Soundtrack and it is one of the best parts of the game.
  9. The game has a budget of 9,000 dollars and yet it is somewhat better then Mighty No.9 (which has a budget of about 4,000,000 dollar) which shows that you don’t need a big budget to make an Amazing game.
  10. Not to mention but for a 9,000 dollar game, the graphics are very nice to look at and succeed into looking like a 16/32-bit retro game.
  11. The game doesn’t have a useless life system like how some other retro games have and checkpoints will allow you to save the game.
  12. Wishes mode is a very nice award for completing the game as it allows Spark to switch any power up he wants.
  13. Fark story mode, Spark challenge, Hard mode and the 10 challenge mode do give the player a bit more of a challenge if Spark mode is to easy for them.
  14. Nice level designs and looks that feel more open then the Sonic games ever were.
  15. SPURK

Bad Qualities

  1. The game is way too long, as it will take about 3 hours to complete the game even if you don’t count cutscenes.
    • Completing a stage may also take too long.
  2. While the power ups are awesome and nice to use, some of them are way to overpowered and might ruin difficultly balanced to the game.
    • The Gravity power up is one example to this as it allows the player to fly forever without even having a flight bar.
  3. There is a glitches in the game where if you start the game back, then you will lose your main power up that you holding on.
    • In fact glitches in the game such as performance issues have happened before but where thankfully fix in the 1.5 update, although lagging and crashing does happen rarely.
  4. The dialogue can get a bit cheesy at times.


Spark The Electric Jester received positive reviews as praise lead to gameplay and soundtrack but the performance was criticized. A sequel, Spark the Electric Jester 2 was release in May 16, 2019.



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