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Spider-Man 2

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Spider-Man 2


"Don’t worry, Mr. Aziz, these pizzas are in good hands."
Genre(s): Action-adventure
Platform(s): Nintendo GameCube
PlayStation 2
Game Boy Advance
Nintendo DS
PlayStation Portable
Microsoft Windows
Mac OS X
Release: Game Boy Advance, GameCube, PC, PlayStation 2, Xbox
NA: June 28, 2004
EU: July 9, 2004

EU: July 2, 2004
NA: July 6, 2004

Mac OS X
NA: August 16, 2004
EU: 2004

Nintendo DS
NA: November 21, 2004
AU: February 24, 2005
EU: March 11, 2005

PlayStation Portable
NA: March 23, 2005
EU: September 1, 2005
Developer(s): Treyarch (GCN/PS2/Xbox)
The Fizz Factor (PC)
Vicarious Visions (DS/PSP)
Digital Eclipse (GBA/N-Gage)
Aspyr (Mac)
Publisher(s): Activision
Aspyr (Mac)
Country: United States
Series: Spider-Man
Predecessor: Spider-Man
Successor: Spider-Man 3

Spider-Man 2 is a 2004 action-adventure game based loosely on the Spider-Man 2 film. It is a follow-up of the game Spider-Man: The Movie, and was followed by Spider-Man 3. It was developed by Treyarch[1] game was published by Activision for many different systems in 2004 to 2005. The Mac OS X version was published by Aspyr.

Why It Rocks

  1. Spider-Man now actually shoots webbings into skyscrapers and buildings, unlike the previous 3D Spider-Man games where Spidey shoots webbings into the sky.
  2. This has (at the time) the most complex Spidey's web swinging had ever been, with multiple layers of it outside the fact that it latches onto buildings since the player can perform all kinds of tricks with it.
  3. Bruce Campbell does a hilarious job as the tutorial voice as in the previous video game.
  4. Fairly accurate presentation of Manhattan, Roosevelt Island, Ellis Island and Liberty Island.
  5. A beat'em up type combat that would inspire the combat of the Batman: Arkham franchise.
  6. This was the first Spider-Man game to be open world (except the PC and DS versions) which gives you the ability to go anywhere and climb to the top of everything.
  7. Lots of side-quests to complete including the pizza delivery ones.
  8. Good soundtrack, especially "Pizza Delivery", which is incredibly catchy.
  9. Follows the plot of the movie, although it makes a bunch of changes.
    • Peter plans to give up his civilian life and just be Spider-Man forever instead of it being the other way around like in the film.
    • Mary Jane doesn't plan to marry Jameson's son (in fact, he isn't in the game).
  10. Tobey Maguire as Peter Parker, Alfred Molina as Otto Octavius and Kirsten Dunst as Mary Jane Watson reprise their roles from the film.
  11. Does a great job of introducing/re-introducing characters from the comics such as Black Cat, Rhino, The Shocker, and Quinten Beck/Mysterio.
  12. The scenarios that aren't a part of the film are implemented well.
  13. Spider-Man quips like in the comics. For example, he says to Mysterio "I've had Mysterios for breakfast".
  14. The PSP version is very similar to the Spider-Man 1 movie game, as it is a linear adventure title.
  15. The GBA release is a fun and simple side scrolling platformer beat'em up style game. Heck, the game includes an impressive 3D open world hub of New York to explore when you are not doing missions.
  16. Tons of replay value.

Bad Qualities

  1. The side-quests can get repetitive since they don't follow the movie.
  2. Somewhat short-length.
  3. The graphics are rather mediocre for 2004 standards.
  4. The PC and DS versions are watered-down disasters.
  5. Textures flicker when playing the Xbox version on the Xbox 360.
  6. The character models of the random criminals aren't that great and at times, they'll reuse the same models over and over again.
  7. The movie theater that you can buy after beating the game doesn't allow you to replay the game's cutscenes let alone the FMV's.
  8. The voice acting sounds really phoned-in at times.
  9. The Mysterio boss "fight" is disappointing. After he pulls off a convincing alien invasion hoax and a trippy "funhouse of doom", you'd expect Mysterio to have an imaginative boss fight, especially when the cutscene prior gives him three health bars. Instead, he just stands and boasts while doing nothing to harm you, and one punch does him in.
  10. Spider-Man cannot swim. Fortunately, falling in water just sends him back close to where he jumped in, unlike previous Spider-Man games.


  • The game spawned a lot of memes such as the pizza delivery theme, "Don’t Worry Mr. Aziz...These Pizzas Are In Good Hands", " My Balloon" and "Oh no...Dr. Connor’s Class".


The console version was well received by critics gamers and fans, it was considered to be the best Spider-Man game, until Marvel's Spider-Man in 2018, which was much better received.



  1. Ported to PC by The Fizz Factor, the Nintendo DS and PlayStation Portable by Vicarious Visions, the Game Boy Advance and N-Gage by Digital Eclipse, and for Mac OS X by Aspyr.


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