Star Wars: Rogue Squadron

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Star Wars: Rogue Squadron
Rogue Squadron Cover.jpg
Genre: Action
Platforms: Windows

Nintendo 64

Release Date: December 1998
Developer: Factor 5
Publisher: LucasArts
Franchise: Rogue Squadron
Next Game: Star Wars Rogue Squadron II: Rogue Leader

Star Wars: Rogue Squadron (Known as Star Wars: Rogue Squadron 3D for PC users) is an arcade-style flying game released in 1998.


Six months after the Battle of Yavin, Rogue Squadron (led by Luke Skywalker) is sent on various missions against the Galactic Empire.

Why It Rocks

  1. There are a total of 8 different ships to use (plus one that is exclusive to one mission).
  2. The ships are all accurate to their film counterparts.
  3. The Naboo Starfighter, Millennium Falcon, and TIE Interceptor appear as unlockable ships.
  4. Most of the ships feature exclusive secondary weapons which are fun to use.
  5. A total of 18 story missions set on many different planets.
  6. Good mission variety with several interesting mechanics for each. For example, on one mission, the player has to stop a train and to do so they are given an ion cannon on the X-Wing.
  7. Three bonus levels can be unlocked, two of which are based on scenes from the Original Trilogy.
  8. Several characters from the movies are featured like Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, and Chewbacca.
  9. Good voice acting.
  10. Great graphics for the time.
  11. Lots of replay value.
  12. Challenging, but fair gameplay.

Bad Qualities

  1. Getting Gold Medals in every level can be very difficult.
  2. The Millennium Falcon's auto-turrets will sometimes shoot at things that aren't supposed to be destroyed resulting in a game over.
  3. The Death Star trench run bonus level is pretty sloppy.
  4. Exiting a level costs you a life.
  5. The final level has enemies that are extremely difficult to hit due to their speed.


  • In the N64 version, typing "KOELSCH" in the cheats will replace the V-Wing with a 1969 Buick Electra. In the PC version, it can be accessed through a mod. This is also in the other Rogue Squadron games including Battle for Naboo.
  • Typing "CHICKEN" in the cheats will allow the player to control a virtually useless AT-ST in most missions.
  • The Naboo Starfighter appeared in this game before Episode I: The Phantom Menace came out.