Street Fighter II

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Street Fighter II
"Who is the strongest Street Fighter?"
Genre: Fighting
Platforms: Super Nintendo Entertainment System
Game Boy
Game Boy Advance
Master System
PlayStation 4
Nintendo Switch
Xbox One
PlayStation Portable
PlayStation 2
Commodore 64
Release Date: March 1991
Developer: Capcom
Publisher: Capcom
Franchise: Street Fighter
Next Game: Street Fighter III

Street Fighter II: The World Warrior is the sequel to the original Street Fighter game (known as Fighting Street on the TurboGrafX-16). Originally released for arcades in 1991, it was eventually ported to the Super Nintendo Entertainment System and many other systems afterwards.

Why It Rocks

  1. It's overall a major improvement over its inferior prequel, adding a six-button layout and improving the controls.
  2. 17 unique characters to choose from, as of the newest edition, Ultra Street Fighter II:
    • Ryu: A Japanese martial artist who is the series' main protagonist and the current world champion, Ryu enters the tournament to test his skills against new opponents. Fights using the Ansatsuken style.
    • Ken Masters: Ryu's American friend and rival. Fights using the Ansatsuken style.
    • Chun-Li: A Chinese Interpol officer and the first-ever woman in a fighting game. Enters the tournament to exact revenge on M. Bison for killing her father. Fights using Chinese martial arts.
    • Edmond (E.) Honda: A Japanese sumo wrestler who seeks to show the world how great his fighting style is.
    • Blanka: A feral man from the Brazilian jungle who has developed an interest for street fights. Fights using feral maneuvers and electrical powers.
    • Zangief: A Russian (Soviet at the time of the game's release) wrestler who fights for the glory of his country. Fights using a mix of American and Russian wrestling.
    • Guile: A Major in the US Air Force who enters the tournament to avenge his friend, Charlie Nash, who was killed by M. Bison several years prior. Fights using a combination of martial arts and wrestling.
    • Dhalsim: An Indian yogi whose goal is to raise money for his plague-stricken village. Fights using an esoteric yoga style.
    • Thunder (T.) Hawk: A Native Mexican-American who enters the tournament to reclaim the lands of his tribe, which were taken by M. Bison, and save his beloved one. Fights using the martial arts of his tribe, the Thunderfoot.
    • Cammy White: A British MI6 agent whose goal is to find answers for the strange connection she felt with the tournament's organizer, M. Bison. Fights using the Special Forces training fighting style.
    • Fei Long: A Hong Kong action movie star based on Bruce Lee (this game wouldn't be complete without one) wanting to prove that he legitimately is a talented fighter, as seen in his movies. Fights using kung fu.
    • Dee Jay: A Jamaican artist looking for a new rhythm for his new album. Fights using kickboxing.
    • Balrog: A greedy, arrogant American enforcer of Bison's. Fights using boxing.
    • Vega: A narcissistic, self-loving Spanish man who serves as Bison's bodyguard and enters the tournament under his orders. Fights using a mixture of the ninjutsu fighting style of his country and bullfighting.
    • Sagat: A Muay Thai fighter from Thailand who was the final boss of the first game, Sagat seeks to have a clean rematch with Ryu, who defeated him in the final of the previous world tournament.
    • M. Bison: The main antagonist and final boss of the game, he announces the tournament in hopes of luring Ryu and recruiting the fighter into his criminal organization, Shadaloo. Fights using the Psycho Power technique. He is of unknown nationality, although he fought in Thailand.
    • Akuma: An emotionless and extremely powerful warrior from Japan who seeks worthy opponents to fight. Fights using a mysterious technique called the Satsui no Hado (Surge of Murderous Intent). He can replace Bison as the final boss if the player defeats all of the enemies up until the last stage without continues, earning at least 3 perfects along the way. He can also be chosen as a playable character by doing the following commands: highlight Ryu and wait four seconds, highlight Guile and wait four seconds, highlight T. Hawk and wait four seconds, highlight Cammy and wait four seconds, return to Ryu and wait four seconds and finally press low punch (note that these commands are not needed in Ultra SF2, since Akuma is unlocked from the beginning)
    • There's also Evil Ryu, Violent Ken and Shin Akuma, who were added in Ultra Street Fighter II.
  3. Numerous updates were released like Turbo and Special Championship Edition. These updates allowed for more characters, faster gameplay and greater challenge.
  4. Awesome soundtrack including "Guile's Theme", a song so good that it fits well with anything. Other awesome themes include Fei Long's, T. Hawk's and Vega's.
  5. Some of the most recognized characters in fighting game history, including Ryu, Ken Masters, Chun-Li, Zangief and M. Bison.
  6. It is also the first fighting game and video game in general to allow the use of combos.
    • Amazingly, the use of combos was done completely by accident. A game developer noticed the use of combos which would make opponents unable to fight back, but didn't remove it from the game, thinking gamers wouldn't pull it off. By the time gamers did pull it off, it became one of the great gameplay mechanics.
  7. Easy-to-learn special moves that can still be remembered years later.
  8. It had an amazing anime movie.

Bad Qualities

  1. Some ports weren't that great, such as the Game Boy port and a Tiger Electronic handheld.
  2. The VS. mode is exclusively multiplayer, even in the most recent ports (like the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions).
  3. The elephant noises on Dhalsim's stage can get annoying real fast.
  4. Blanka is a very cheap opponent to fight in Arcade Mode.


Street Fighter II remains one of the best fighting games ever made and the most popular Street Fighter game. It was also responsible for the fighting game boom in the 90's.




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