Street Fighter IV

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Street Fighter IV
Protagonist: Everyone
Genre: Fighting
Platforms: Microsoft Windows
Xbox 360
PlayStation 3
Nintendo 3DS
PlayStation 4
Release Date: Arcade
JP: July 18, 2008

X360 & PS3
JP: February 12, 2009
NA: February 17, 2009
EU: February 20, 2009

JP: July 2, 2009
EU: July 3, 2009
NA: July 7, 2009

March 10, 2010

Developer: Capcom
Publisher: Capcom
Made in: Japan
Franchise: Street Fighter
Previous Game: Street Fighter III
Next Game: Street Fighter V

Street Fighter 4 is a 2008 fighting video game published by Capcom, who also co-developed the game with Dimps. It was the first numbered Street Fighter game released by Capcom since 1999, a hiatus of nine years.


This game takes place several months after the events of Street Fighter II (thus is chronologically set between Street Fighter II and III). After M. Bison's apparent death at the hands of Akuma, the S.I.N. corporation begins another fighting tournament in order to draw out the most powerful fighters on Earth to complete the BLECE project. Each character has their own reasons for entering this tournament, but S.I.N.'s real desire is to lure Ryu to them in order to analyze the Satsui no Hadōu, believed to be the last piece of data needed to complete BLECE.

Why It Rocks

  1. The "Focus Attack" mechanic allows the player to absorb an attack and launch a counterattack, and it is performed by pressing the medium punch and kick buttons simultaneously. The system aims to make ground attacks as viable a way of approaching opponents as jumping was in previous games.
  2. The visuals of characters and environments in this game are rendered as 3D models with polygons but use a stylized effect to give them a hand-drawn look, with certain select attacks displaying ink sprays during the fights.
  3. Amazing soundtrack.
  4. The versus mode can be played in both offline and online modes like player vs. AI and player vs. player for offline mode.
  5. Visually fantastic gameplay.
  6. It's the first (and currently only) modern Street Fighter game to have single player-only features like Arcade Mode at launch (unlike Street Fighter V, which had to wait for a re-release to get Arcade Mode).
  7. Good anime cutscenes.
  8. Yoshinori Ono is the person responsible for the revival of the Street Fighter series.
  9. There is a big roster of characters to choose from, which was upgraded to a total of 44 characters with the Ultra Street Fighter IV re-release.
  10. Challenging normal, rival and boss fights.
  11. The Ultra Combos are awesome and stylish!
  12. Innovative set of moves for every character in the game.
  13. The Super Street Fighter IV re-release introduced fan-favorite character Juri Han, as well as bringing back old favorites such as Makoto, Cody, Dee Jay, Dudley and Ibuki.
    • The Ultra Street Fighter IV re-release saw the return of Elena and Hugo Andore from Street Fighter III: Third Strike, Rolento from Street Fighter Alpha 2 and the debut of Poison from the Final Fight series.

Bad Qualities

  1. Seth is probably the worst and poorly written villain in Street Fighter history, getting humiliated by both M. Bison and Juri Han.
  2. While nice to look at, the anime-style animation doesn't go well with the cutscenes in the game and should have gone with CGI animation similar to the opening of the game.
  3. None of the characters added to Arcade Edition or Ultra have any unique cutscenes during their rival battles and instead use their normal pre-fight intros. However, they still have specific quotes during Ultra Combos, First Attacks, and K.O.s and each of the characters still have unique battle themes during the Rival Battles.
  4. Some of the content from the vanilla version of the game, like Time Attack, Survival Mode, and the theme song, Indestructible by Exile, were removed from the re-releases.
  5. the Super, Arcade Edition, and the 3DS port don't come with any of the DLC costumes from the vanilla version, and you have to rebuy them unless you've already done so in the original version and can transfer them to the re-releases. This was averted in Ultra as that comes with all of the DLC costumes from the previous versions of the game in its physical copies.
  6. There are no Tutorials on how to learn the game.



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