Streets of Rage 2

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Streets of Rage 2
Streets of Rage 2.jpg
The sequel to a legendary Beat 'em up game.
Protagonist: Axel Stone
Blaze Fielding
Max Thunder
Eddie "Skate" Hunter
Genre: Beat 'em up
Platforms: Sega Genesis/Mega Drive
Sega Game Gear
Sega Master System
Release Date: December 20, 1992 (North American Sega Mega Drive/Genesis version)
January 14, 1993 (Japanese Sega Mega Drive/Genesis version)
January 16, 1993 (European Sega Mega Drive/Genesis version)
July 23, 1993 (Japanese Sega Game Gear version)
July 1993 (North American Sega Game Gear version)
1993 (European Sega Game Gear version)
1993 (PAL regions Sega Master System version)
Developer: Sega
MNM Software
Shout! Designworks
Publisher: Sega
Made in: Japan
Franchise: Streets of Rage
Previous Game: Streets of Rage
Next Game: Streets of Rage 3

Streets of Rage 2 (also known as Bare Knuckle II in Japan) is a side-scrolling beat 'em up released by Sega for the Sega Genesis in 1992. This game received several re-releases, including ones for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Nintendo 3DS.


The game takes place one year after the events of the first game. Mr. X has taken over the city and kidnapped Adam Hunter. It's up to Axel Stone and Blaze Felding to save the day with the help of Adam's kid brother Skate and a pro wrestler named Max Thunder.

Why It Rocks

  1. An amazing dance music soundtrack by Yuzo Koshiro that is worthy of nightclubs.
  2. Vastly improved controls and gameplay mechanics.
  3. Each of the four characters have a unique playstyle.
  4. Great graphics, with sprites that are larger than the first game's. It can even handle several enemies on screen at once without slowdown.
  5. A large variety of enemies to fight. Enemies even get smarter and nastier as the game progresses.
  6. Multiple difficulty settings to choose from, with Mania being truly intense.
  7. There are programs you can use to replace the characters with characters from other video games, therefore you can make your own Streets of Rage 2 rom hacks.
  8. It is somewhat challenging, but it is not frustrating.


Upon release, Streets of Rage 2 received wide critical acclaim, with scores above 90% from most video game magazines at the time.