Super Mario Bros. Crossover

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Super Mario Bros. Crossover
Genre: Platformer
Platforms: Internet
Release Date: April 27, 2010
Game Engine: Adobe Flash
Developer: Jay Pavlina
Publisher: Exploding Rabbit
Franchise: Fan-game based on the Mario franchise

Super Mario Bros. Crossover is a fan-made Flash game developed by Jay Pavlina and published by Exploding Rabbit on April 27, 2010 initially on Newgrounds. The game is basically Super Mario Bros. but with even more playable characters from other franchises such as Mega Man, Link from The Legend of Zelda, Simon from Castlevania, Sophia III from Blaster Master, and more.

Why It Rocks

  1. The concept of the game itself which is about playing Super Mario Bros. as other characters from other games is awesome.
  2. The game would also get updates, adding some features which are mentioned below.
  3. Characters also have skins. Some of them are separate characters who sometimes behave differently, such as Quick Man for Bass, and Pit for Samus.
  4. There are map skins too, even from other franchises.
  5. You get 2 buttons to attack. X is for the normal attacks, and C is for the special attacks.
  6. The physics of the characters are pretty accurate to their games'.
  7. Incredible gameplay for all characters.
  8. You can play in 3 map sets, which are Super Mario Bros, SMB: The Lost Levels and even SMB Special.
  9. There are much more settings you can choose for the gameplay, which are:
    • The map difficulty, which changes the layout of the levels.
    • The game mode:
      1. All Characters: You can play as any character for each level during the playthrough.
      2. Single Character: Select a character to begin the game. After it's selected, you will only play as them for the whole playthrough.
      3. Single Random: You start as a random character with a random skin. Each time you clear a level or die the game changes the character and skin you're going to play as for the next level or attempt.
      4. Survival: Choose whichever character you want to play as or power up for the playthrough. When you die, the character you played as before dying will no longer be playable until you revive them after you get an extra life. If you run out of characters, the game is over.
    • The power-up mode:
      1. In the classic mode the only power-ups aside from the Super Star and the 1-up Mushroom are the Super Mushroom and Fire Flower for all characters. This means there's only 2 upgrades for each of them.
      2. In the modern mode, all characters have their own power-ups. The number of power-ups is extended.
    • Customize the start weapons of each character. You can change Link's start weapon from the Bomb to the Bow and Arrow, for example. This option is only available for the classic power-up mode.
    • And more...
  10. When the modern power-up mode is selected, when playing as a character other than Mario and Luigi, the Fire Flower is replaced with random power-ups. Collect one of them to get new attacks.
  11. Now that it has the SMB Special map set, it makes SMB Special much more playable.
  12. There's also cheats that change how the game behaves, like the one that turns every enemy into Hammer Bros.

Bad Qualities

  1. Mario doesn't get any new abilities from the other Mario games, and so does Luigi.
  2. The sound effects are the same for every character and map skin, even the 16-bit and Atari 2600 ones.
  3. The offline SWF version doesn't support fullscreen.


  • Currently the developer is working on a new version of the game, using the Unity engine.




4 months ago
Score 2
This game is where i met Link, Samus, Mega Man, and Simon for the very first time ever. Wonderful!

Jamie G.

one month ago
Score 1
This was the closest thing I had to the OG SMB as a kid


one month ago
Score 1
Man, this seriously needs a remake. Thank god it's in the development!


one month ago
Score 0
I mean, this game.

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