Super Metroid

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Super Metroid

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"The last Metroid is in captivity... the galaxy is at peace."
Protagonist: Samus Aran
Genre: Action
Platforms: Super Nintendo Entertainment System
Virtual Console (Wii, Wii U, New Nintendo 3DS XL)
Release Date: Original
JP: March 19, 1994
NA: April 18, 1994
PAL: July 28, 1994

Wii Virtual Console
JP: September 20, 2007
NA: August 20, 2007
EU: October 12, 2007

Wii U Virtual Console
May 15, 2013
New Nintendo 3DS XL Virtual Console
April 14, 2016
Developer: Nintendo R&D1
Intelligent Systems
Publisher: Nintendo
Made in: Japan
Franchise: Metroid
Previous Game: Metroid II: Return of Samus
Next Game: Metroid Fusion

Super Metroid is a video game developed by Nintendo R&D1 in partnership with Intelligent Systems and published by Nintendo for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System in 1994. It is the third installment in the Metroid series. It was later available on the Wii, Wii U and New Nintendo 3DS XL Virtual Console in 2007 to 2016.

The game is also one of the 21 games included in the Super NES Classic Edition.


Samus Aran brings the last Metroid to the Ceres space colony for scientific study. Investigation of the specimen, a larva, reveals that its energy-producing abilities were actually harnessed for the good of civilization. Shortly after leaving, Samus receives a distress call alerting her to return to the colony immediately. She finds the scientists dead, and the Metroid larva stolen by Ridley, leader of the Space Pirates. Samus escapes from the colony during a self-destruct sequence and follows Ridley to the planet Zebes. She searches the planet for the Metroid and finds that the Pirates have rebuilt their base there.

Why It Rocks

  1. Awesome and colorful graphics, especially for 1994 standards. The sprites are awesome with lots of explicit detail for the time.
  2. Great, tight, and responsive controls.
  3. This game introduces many new upgrades that would later become series staples: Charge Beam, Gravity Suit, Speed Booster, Super Missiles, Power Bombs, Reserve Tanks, Grappling Beam, and X-Ray Scope.
  4. In addition, this game debuts stacking with beam weaponry, meaning you can mix the ice beam with the spazer, charge, and wave beams.
  5. Memorable and incredible soundtrack. Each track changes depending on what area you're in.
  6. The game is pretty long. It can be beaten in 7 hours, even longer than Super Mario World, making it one of the longest SNES games ever made.
  7. Some stages come from the first Metroid game, which is nice to see them on a 16-bit system.
  8. Collecting energy tanks will make the it harder to get the game over screen, and they're obliviously needed to win the boss fights. However, see BQ#1.
  9. This is the first game in the Metroid series where we get a look at Samus from her suit, which is very nice to see Zero Suit Samus even before the Game Over screen.
  10. The final battle with Mother Brain is awesome. Unlike in the first game, if you break the glass where Mother Brain is, it will fight with you. The fight is even more fun when Samus becomes stronger by the Metroid from Metroid II: Return of Samus.
  11. Good plot for a Metroid game. Samus brings the Metroid from the previous game to one of the space colonies for study, but then, Samus received a call to return back to the colony. She then finds Ridley stealing the Metroid, Ridely escapes and Samus follows Ridely who leads her to Zebes, (the planet from the first game) where the villains have rebuilt a base there.

The Only Bad Quality

  1. To fight Mother Brain, you need to collect even more energy tanks, otherwise you can die easily during the battle, as Mother Brain's hyper beam is unavoidable, no matter how much you will move to try to avoid it.

Game Tips

  • As mentioned in BQ#1, before fighting Mother Brain, collect many (or all) energy tanks so you can survive Mother Brain's hyper beam and make Larva attack Mother Brain to recover Samus.
  • If you don't want to waste your time fighting Ridley for the first time (in space colony), simply take several hits from him until Samus' HP will be 24 or less.
  • In one parts of the game, watch out for the Yapping Maw, otherwise, if it will let Samus go and hit the ceiling, the game will crash.


Super Metroid received critical acclaim by critics and players. GameRankings and Game Players gave it 97% score, while GameSpot gave it 8.5/10, IGN gave it 9.5/10 and Nintendo Life gave it 10/10 ratings.


  • You can make Samus moonwalk by pressing Up, Down, Right and Left many times.





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I spend almost 1 month recreating this.


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The best Metroid game, IMO.


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I agree with that, along with Metroid Fusion (My personal favorite) and Metroid Prime.

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