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TT Games
The king of LEGO games.
Founded: 1989 (Traveller's Tales)
2005 (TT Games)
Founder: Jon Burton
Andy Ingram
Headquarters: Knutsford, England, United Kingdom
Key people: David Dootson (studio manager)
Parent: Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment

TT Games (previously known as Traveller's Tales) is a British game developer founded in 1989, it was renamed TT Games in 2005. Its other branches include developer TT Fusion, animation studio TT Animation and mobile games companies Playdemic and TT Odyssey. The company is known for the Lego video game series.

The title "TT Games" is often used to collectively describe the company and all of its divisions and subsidiaries.

Notable Games

Lego Games

Non Lego Games

Why They Rock

  1. They make a lot of great Lego games with great properties.
  2. They also made some good non-Lego games like Toy Story and the Crash Bandicoot series.
  3. In the 90's, they pushed consoles to their limits with the majority of their games.
    1. Toy Story on the Sega Genesis features over 64 colors on screen, 3D first person level with ceiling graphics, 3d depth walls, and an Amiga MOD player which is used in the credits and the main menu.
    2. Puggsy also on the Sega Genesis featured a full screen rotating pirate ship and full screen scaling raccoon head boss zooming in and out in real time.
    3. Mickey Mania features rotating cylinders.
    4. Sonic 3D Blast features FMV and a 3D-ish bonus stage.
    5. Sonic R on the Sega Saturn featured reflection on some polygons and fading polygons as most Saturn games used pop up.
    6. Rascal on the PS1 had reflection on some polygons, particle effects, and no polygon warping which PS1 games tend to suffer from.
  4. They made a lot of good Disney Games despite some bad ones like A Bugs Life.
  5. Their first game, Leander was pretty good.
  6. They tend to have a good use of their source material when they make licensed tie ins.

Bad Qualities

  1. The studio nowadays makes almost nothing but Lego games and releases too many of them repeatedly, as such their games tend to be repetitive, glitchy, and some can be very short.
  2. They developed a average Sonic racing game named Sonic R although puts the hardware run on to the limits.
  3. The Lego game ports for 3DS and Android were really weak compared to their console equivalents, and to make this worse, most of the DS ports of Lego games were actually good!
  4. Some of the newer Lego games aren't as good.


  • Jon Burton, the founder of Traveler's Tales, now runs 3 Youtube Channel called GameHut, Space Hut, and Coding Secrets.
  • They're one of the longest running non Triple A game studio while some others were bought by other companies and closed down.




3 months ago
Score 0
This company nowadays makes nothing but pure lego games, one of the reasons why for me TT games lately sucks.


29 days ago
Score 0
Oh no. Several pages for the LEGO games got taken down.


18 days ago
Score 0
You can blame Allistayrian for all this.


23 days ago
Score 0
They also made Haven: Call of the King, which that game doesn't look that bad at all. Looks like a very underrated game. It was even going to be released on multiplatforms and have a trilogy, but unfortunately due to it's very weak sales, plans for those got ultimately scrapped. Therefore, the game sadly ended on a cliffhanger.

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