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MrAnonymous (talkcontribs)
Summary by Trevor807

Sir, this is an Arby’s.

MrAnonymous (talkcontribs)

I love Mario

I love Sonic

I love Minecraft

I didn't play Wii Sports

I only played a little bit of Yoshi's Island

I didn't play Mario Kart Wii

I love Kingdom Hearts, but I didn't play it

I love Tetris

I love Ocarina of Time, but I didn't play it

I love The Legend of Zelda, but I didn't play it

I love Angry Birds

I love Super Smash Bros. Brawl, but I didn't play it

I love Pac-Man

I love Super Mario World, but I only played a little bit of it

I love Super Smash Bros. 64, but I only messed around in it

I love Five Nights at Freddy's

I love Undertale

I love New Super Mario Bros., but I only messed around in it

I love Mega Man, but I didn't play it

I only saw Plants vs Zombies back in like, the 2000s

I didn't play Donkey Kong Country

I never played Fortnite: Battle Royale

I did play a Pokemon game, but only messed around in the game

I love Doki Doki Literature Club, but I didn't play it, along with FNAF and Undertale

I love Dr. Mario, but I didn't play it

I love DOOM, but I only played a Roblox version of it

I love Super Mario RPG, but I didn't play it, I only listened to it's forest theme and nothing else

I love Super Mario 64, but I only messed around in it 

I love Sonic.exe, but I didn't play it

I love Super Mario Sunshine, but I didn't play it

I love DuckTales, but I didn't watch it, nor watch the original show or 2017 reboot

I love Mario Kart Double Dash, but I didn't play it

I love the Mii Channel and the Nintendo Wii

I love Halo, but I didn't play it

I love Super Mario Galaxy, but I didn't play it

I love Happy Wheels

I love Mortal Kombat, but I never played it

I love Super Mario Odyssey, but I never played it

I discovered Trauma Center: Under The Knife 2 through Gentle Breeze

I discovered Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas through old Brazilian videos made in the 2000s

I love Super Mario Bros. 2, but never played it

I never played Katamari Damacy

I discovered Pokemon Red and Blue through Lavender Town

I never played Skywire

I remember New Super Mario Bros. Wii

I know the World's Hardest Game, but I played World's Easiest Game instead

I didn't play Sonic Adventure 2

I love Mario Kart DS, but I only messed around in it

I love Donkey Kong Arcade, but I never played it, I only played some imitations of it, and I love it because it gave birth to the Mario franchise

I love Super Smash Bros. Melee, but I never played it

I love Photo Editor on my Nintendo DSi

I didn't play Wii Fit

I love Earthbound, but I didn't play it

I didn't play The Last Of Us

I love Rayman, but I didn't play it

I love Mario Party 2, but I didn't play it

I didn't play Donkey Kong 64

I didn't play Goat Simulator

I love Dig Dug

I tried playing Wii Sports but failed

I played Xbox 360

I only discovered Spider-Man 2: The Video Game through the Pizza Time memes

I didn't play Yoshi's Story

I didn't play Final Fantasy III

I think I played Animal Crossing

I love Fruit Ninja


Zeephare (talkcontribs)

I appreciate you wanted to write this so much. Nice facts.

Suggested articles

Calvert1539 (talkcontribs)

- Spelunky 2 - Factorio - Ori and the Will of the Wisps - Valorant - Risk of Rain 2 - LISA the Painful - Hades - Don't Starve

DarkMatterMan4500 (talkcontribs)

Could be worth it.

SniperJoey (talkcontribs)

The bad thing about Valorant is an overpriced skin?

Zeephare (talkcontribs)

I agree with the others, but I have mixed feelings about Valorant.

MrAnonymous (talkcontribs)

What's your favorite and least favorite Roblox myth?

Summary by Zeephare

Oh no, a cursed topic.

MrAnonymous (talkcontribs)

If you could create a good game that is actually an internet screamer in disguise, what would it be and what would the screamer image be?

SuperStreetKombat (talkcontribs)

Um... what does that question mean?

MrAnonymous (talkcontribs)

A good game that is actually an internet screamer in disguise

SuperStreetKombat (talkcontribs)

....oh-kay. I'm not seeing where this is going.

How popular is Smash Bros?

Dogleader (talkcontribs)

Besides being one of Nintendo's best-selling franchises, could it also be Nintendo's most popular one? I have always wanted Dixie + Kiddy Kong to be playable fighters, but that won't happen. So, I instead play Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong's Double Trouble, where I can play as both of them.

SuperStreetKombat (talkcontribs)

Well, actually, Mario is Nintendo's most popular franchise, because he's the company's mascot, and his series, along with the NES, helped revolutionize gaming.

Also, why would you want Kiddy Kong to be playable in Smash? Have you seen how he is in DKC3?

Dogleader (talkcontribs)

Why are Wii Fit Trainer, Duck Hunt, and Dr. Mario playable in Smash? She is just a yoga instructor, the dog and duck have one game where they do almost nothing but fly and laugh, and all the doctor does is throw pills to kill viruses. Kiddy, paired with Dixie, at least has more moveset potential, like throwing a barrel or rolling into his foes.

SuperStreetKombat (talkcontribs)

As far as Wii Fit Trainer is concerned, I think Nintendo wanted a character from that franchise that debuted on the Wii to be playable in Smash for Wii U and 3DS, with both versions of the game being 8th generation after the Wii, which was 7th gen. Plus, they were able to work around her capabilities by turning them into attacks, thus making her a combatant worthy enough of being added to Smash, same with the Duck Hunt Dog and Duck.

In the Smash series, Dr. Mario is a playable fighter because he's a reskin (or in the case of Smash, a clone) of the original Mario, meaning that he has the exact same abilities as his original counterpart, but with pills instead of fireballs, and electricity instead of fire when doing the C left/right attack.

I don't think it matters if Kiddy Kong has moveset potential or not, because he was an unlikeable character with poor reception from critics and fans, and adding him to Smash would piss a lot of people off, so Dixie Kong would be better off without him if she were to be a Smash character.

S012891 (talkcontribs)

What I do know is that Ultimate is considered the best Smash Game ever so far. But in my view. I’m gonna go with Brawl. Speaking of the popularity there are only 5 games so far. 6 if counting the Wii U and 3D versions.

Dogleader (talkcontribs)

Waluigi himself has a poor reception and fans always request him to be playable. What makes Kiddy an awful character? Is it his design? Plus, that dog has an even worse reception than Kiddy for many years and he was still put into Smash.

SuperStreetKombat (talkcontribs)
Dogleader (talkcontribs)

I created that page. But, still, what about the Duck Hunt dog?

SuperStreetKombat (talkcontribs)

Well, we all know that Duck Hunt was a very popular NES game, and Nintendo wanted not only the dog, but also the duck, from that game to be playable in Smash, since they're the highlights of Duck Hunt.

RaymesisEvil (talkcontribs)

I play too much Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and now the online is somewhat fluid

SuperStreetKombat (talkcontribs)

I'll bet that crappy paid online service made it fluid...

Dogleader (talkcontribs)
SuperStreetKombat (talkcontribs)

Not bad, but I personally would've left out some characters like Raiden who was already in PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale, even though that game flopped.

Dogleader (talkcontribs)

Speaking of "best-selling franchises", I may have to remind you that Nintendo gained fame and popularity with the Donkey Kong Country trilogy, Super Mario 64, The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, Kirby Super Star, Pokemon Stadium, Super Mario World, Yoshi's Story, F-Zero X, Star Fox 64, Banjo-Kazooie, and Earthbound, which were all released before Super Smash Bros. 64 came out. Nintendo doesn't have to rely on only Smash to receive fame.

The Animal Crossing series even had three games before Villager was announced as a Smash fighter.

SuperStreetKombat (talkcontribs)

Oh my god, dude, you're still on this?

This is what the FNAF Hatedom gets for pushing me to my limits back in 2016!

Summary by Trevor807

Sir, this is an Arby’s. - Eiji

MrAnonymous (talkcontribs)
MrAnonymous (talkcontribs)

Favorite Nintendo Franchise:

Dogleader (talkcontribs)

What Nintendo game series do you like the most? And why? - Mario - Donkey Kong - Pokemon - The Legend of Zelda - Star Fox - F-Zero - Kirby - Mother/Earthbound - Fire Emblem - WarioWare - Splatoon - Punch Out!

Dogleader (talkcontribs)

I like the Mario franchise the best. There are the normal Super Mario games, and also the stylish Paper Mario games with Goombella, Vivian, and the adorable Yoshi Kid, and the action packed Mario & Luigi games.

Trevor807 (talkcontribs)

EarthBound and Mario are tied.

SuperStreetKombat (talkcontribs)

My favorite Nintendo franchises are Zelda, Mario, Smash Bros., PokéMon, StarFox, Donkey Kong, and Metroid.

Dogleader (talkcontribs)

Sad to say that Smash Bros. isn't included in the list. It's just all of those listed games combined into a fighting game.

About Star Wars: Squadrons

SniperJoey (talkcontribs)

What do you think of Star Wars: Squadrons?

It has no microtransactions like JFO.

Zeephare (talkcontribs)

It's a nice game.

Lukaaa640 (talkcontribs)

The VR experience is great.