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Genre: Survival horror
Platforms: Microsoft Windows
Mac OS
Release Date: December 28, 2016
Developer: Waygetter Electronics
Publisher: Little Flag Software, LLC

Tattletail is a 2016 horror game created by Waygetter Electronics. It was released on December 28th, 2016.


The game takes place on Christmas of 1998. The player, taking the role of the child protagonist, after discovering their present 5 days early before Christmas in their house's basement, that is being the popular Talking Tattletail, they must take care of the toy until Christmas comes. However, as they do so, they will also need to survive from the banned and recalled Mama Tattletail who is in the house, trying to kill the protagonist.

Why It Rocks

  1. The idea of making a horror game based on the Furby line of toys is quite weird, yet interesting.
  2. The graphics and visuals are very nice looking, as it gives off nice 90s vibes.
  3. The titular Tattletails are adorable!
  4. Even if there is not a lot of voice acting, it's still fairly decent.
  5. While not really something spectacular, getting the Good Ending will reward the player with a Golden Flashlight, that can be used for a second playthrough of the game. And alongside that, it's also more powerful, as it doesn't need a lot of shaking, and the light lasts longer, unlike with the normal Flashlight.
  6. Due to the game's success, the developers also made a free DLC (known as the Kaleidoscope DLC), which expands the game a bit more.
  7. Unlike Five Nights At Freddy's where you can't move, the map in Tattletail is fully explorable, and the player can go anywhere they want to do they can get to their objectives.

Bad Qualities

  1. It was criticized for bearing some similarities to Five Nights At Freddy's due to having a 5 days, and for having an animatronic antagonist.
  2. Way too short, as it can be completed in less than a day. The game also doesn't have much replayability either, aside from getting the eggs for the Good Ending, the second playthrough with the Golden Flashlight, and the Kaleidoscope DLC.
  3. The Tattletails, while adorable, can be VERY ANNOYING as they will never shut up for what it wants and could possibly reveal your location to Mama Tattletail, especially when the Tattletail needs to be brushed, fed, charged, or needs light from the Flashlight.
  4. The map is way too small, and while it can make finding objectives a bit easier, that also means less exploration and the possibilities of screwing up and getting caught by Mama Tattletail being kinda higher.