Tekken 7

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Tekken 7
Official Tekken 7 Logo.jpg
Welcome to the King of Iron Fist Tournament 7
Genre: Fighting
Platforms: Namco System ES3 (Arcade)
Microsoft Windows
PlayStation 4
Xbox One
Release Date: March 18th, 2015 (Arcade)
June 2nd, 2017 (PlayStation 4 and Xbox One)
Developer: Bandai Namco Entertainment
Publisher: Bandai Namco Entertainment
Franchise: Tekken
Previous Game: Tekken 6

Tekken 7 is a fighting video game developed and published by Bandai Namco for the arcades in 2015 and consoles and PC in 2017.

Why It Rocks

  1. The graphics look very beautiful.
  2. The core gameplay in this game is the best in the series.
  3. The game has 36 characters from the outset.
  4. The soundtrack is still awesome like in other games of the franchise.
  5. A decent amount of single player content to keep people playing.
  6. The Mishima Saga story mode and some of the characters episodes are overall enjoyable and progress the plot of the series.
  7. The soundtrack and clips from previous games in the series are available in gallery mode from the start. (Although they need to be unlocked first by spending virtual currency which needs to be earned).
  8. It has a Gallery mode which contains many videos from the previous games, which is very nostalgic and is a bleesing for the fans of the series.
  9. Versus Mode is fun to play with friends, as always.
  10. Speaking of Versus Mode, there's finally Player vs CPU!
  11. The new mechanic, called "Rage Arts", look AWESOME!

Bad Qualities

  1. The offline content is lacking compared to previous games in the series.
  2. Some of the staple characters in the series like Bruce Irvin and Christie Monteiro were cut. Fan favorite Jun Kazama has also yet to make an appearance with Harada hinting at her return, then seemingly choosing not to because of the demand for her inclusion. Bruce Irvin was later replaced by Fahkumram.
  3. Many of the returning characters are DLC. While you could just play the older Tekken games for every character to be free.
  4. Some of the Guest DLC characters (such as Negan) don't really fit the style of the game, as they look a bit more realistic than the Tekken Characters. And many of them don't even play well in Tekken, as Noctis (A character from Final Fantasy) completely plays like a Soul Calibur character, and Geese Howard, Eliza, and Akuma don't even play like the style of Tekken and have separate power bars for special moves.
  5. The online multiplayer suffers from Lag and Rage Quitters, and they do not get much punishment besides giving them a red gamertag.
  6. Tekken Bowl is DLC and costs $14 which is way too much for a mode that was previously for free in Tekken Tag Tournament and Tekken 5 (PS3). The mode should have been free for the start, or been cheaper.
  7. The character endings in this game were terrible, and most of them feel out of character. And in many of them Lucky Chloe seems to ruin the ending.