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Terraria Logo.png
"Dig! Fight! Explore! Build!"
Genre(s): Action-adventure
May 16, 2011
Microsoft Windows
WW: May 16, 2011
PlayStation 3
NA: March 26, 2013
PAL: May 15, 2013

Xbox 360
WW: March 27, 2013
PlayStation Vita
PAL: December 11, 2013
NA: December 17, 2013

WW: August 29, 2013
WW: September 13, 2013
Windows Phone
WW: September 12, 2014
PlayStation 4
WW: November 11, 2014
Xbox One
WW: November 14, 2014
macOS, Linux
WW: August 12, 2015
Nintendo 3DS
WW: December 10, 2015
Wii U
NA: June 16, 2016
PAL: June 24, 2016

Nintendo Switch
WW: June 27, 2019
WW: March 18, 2021
Engine: XNA
FNA (Mac/Lin)
Developer(s): Re-Logic
DR Studios (Android/iOS)
Pipeworks Studios (consoles)
WW: 505 Games
WW: Re-Logic (PC)
EU: Headup Games (PC; retail)
JP: Spike Chunsoft
Country: United States
United Kingdom

Terraria is an action-adventure sandbox game developed by Re-Logic. The game was initially released for Microsoft Windows in May 2011, and has since been released for various other platforms and devices. The game features exploration, crafting, building, and combat with a variety of creatures in a procedurally generated 2D world. Terraria received generally positive critical reception upon release, with direct comparisons to Minecraft and praise given to its sandbox elements.

Why It Rocks

  1. Lots of gameplay time, with over thirty hours of gameplay.
  2. Fluid and responsive controls.
  3. Extreme depth. Its filled with lots of small but interesting details such as: corrupted biomes spreading to other biomes creating corrupted version of that biome even spawning in corrupted variants of these inhabitants, NPCs having certain biomes they like to live in which discounts their shop prices, banners based on a particular enemy will increase your damage and defence against those specific enemies, or even secret seeds to find!
  4. It's cheap for 10 USD and is on mostly every device. For a game with that low price, its filled with lots of depth and content and its really more worth than its initial price!
  5. The biggest selling point of the game is its expansive weapon and utility inventory, with no limit of what you cannot wield. There are also numerous armour types that will affect your playstyle and grant bonuses that are compatible with your weapon of choice. You can use Melee, Ranged, Magic, and Summoning all at once.
    • Some mods even add custom classes with their own unique mechanics.
  6. Many bosses to defeat, each one providing unique rewards.
    • Defeating the Wall of Flesh in the world will trigger Hardmode (not to be confused with Hardcore Mode), which unlocks a new tier of progression.
  7. You can build houses for NPCs who will all give a service or run a shop.
  8. Massive amounts of items, blocks, tools, armor pieces, accessories, and weapons.
    • Lots of items that are incredibly helpful such as: a mirror that teleports you to spawn, or a shield that prevents knockback, Armour that has different effects if worn same material set, and the weapons are amazingly diverse with laser guns, magic spells, and chainsaws!
  9. Lots of events that happen throughout the game, ranging from a goblin army, blood moon to a martian invasion.
  10. A huge enemy variety, from animate armour, Swat skeletons to Frost golems While some are just reskins with slightly added health and damage, they are at least unique enough to justify their existence and some have different attacks or effects they inflict.
  11. Very large worlds with plenty of biomes to explore. The underground parts are also very interesting and filled with lots of loot to find and more lethal enemies at deeper levels. Much comparable to its rival game.
  12. Introduced along with the new 1.4 update on Steam, tModLoader, the most popular mod loader for Terraria, has been officially added as an optional DLC allowing mod support. And unlike Bethesda's infamous Creation Club, everything is free.
    • While it is upsetting that 1.4 is the final major update for Terraria, the modding community will very likely keep the game alive for a long time thanks to tModLoader.
    • tModLoader also gets frequent updates and strives to improve the modded gameplay.
  13. Loads of great mods for the PC version, like the Calamity Mod and Thorium Mod.
  14. The bestiary allows you to track information on enemies and NPCs you encounter. Killing more of them will provide more statistics, such as health, defense and even item drop rates.
  15. As of 1.4, texture packs are officially supported to change the game's artstyle, one of the most popular being the Calamity Texture Pack.
  16. Awesome unforgettable OST that is relaxing to hear.
  17. Expert Mode increases the difficulty of the game and gives enemies and bosses, especially the latter, vastly improved AIs. Bosses even drop Expert-exclusive items which can be extremely useful to the player.
  18. Boss fights are unique, interesting and chalenging like Empress of Light, Duke Fishron and Moon Lord. After defeating the following bosses one may access very high-tiered weapons that can be used to kill another bosses easly.
  19. Variety of classes for example Warrior, the class use Swords, Spears, Yo-yos and etc.
  20. The Guide's crafting guide is useful when one does not have internet connection because one doesn't have to visit the wiki.

Bad Qualities

  1. It can get very grindy at times, especially with rare drops from bosses and enemies.
  2. Golem is somewhat easy compared to other bosses around its tier (mid to late-Hardmode), even after he got buffed in 1.4. With some practice, you can easily defeat him without getting hit once.
  3. Almost no invincibility frames. Whenever there are multiple enemies, such as zombies and demon eyes, you can quickly lose HP and die. This is especially problematic when you first start your world in both pre-Hardmode and Hardmode, as you'll have minimum HP.
  4. The mobile and console ports have many glitches. This is mostly due to the other versions of the game not getting as many updates as the PC version.
    • The console launch of 1.2 was heavily rushed, resulting in a horrendous amount of bugs, impossibility to progress, ability to get things easily that you normally couldn't, and corruption of pre-1.2 worlds. It had nearly 60 bugs at the time, and the update only took 5 months to make, compared to the PC version which took a year and a half.
  5. A large amount of mobile exclusive items, seasonal events, and bosses like Lepus and Turkor the Ungrateful were either replaced or removed entirely in the update in 2017 to make it much more similar to the PC version, leaving them available only on the 3DS version.
    • Ocram was also removed in the mobile and equivalent updates for new-gen consoles for the same reason. He remains one of the final bosses on the old-gen and 3DS versions.
  6. Updates for the old-gen Xbox 360, PS3, PS Vita, Wii U, and 3DS versions were discontinued in 2016, though this is understandable given the hardware limitations of these consoles.
  7. On a normal 3DS and 3DS XL, the game lags terribly all around due to poor optimization, while on the New 3DS this problem doesn't occur.
  8. The PS Vita version also tends to lag badly when exploring underground areas.
  9. The controls on the mobile version are not very good, you will often press the button to drink all potions in your inventory while trying to move, which is very annoying,
    • Additionally, the controls on the console versions were completely ruined with the Journey’s End update. So many of the bindings were changed for no reason, it became harder and complicated to change them, and the presets you can choose were also changed for no reason and became ruined as well. You literally can’t zoom in without having to set it yourself, unlike before where pressing the right/left triggers while paused would zoom it in/out.
  10. The Master Mode is just Expert Mode but the enemies have higher amount of health points. The creatirs tried to make this so-called Master Mode hard but it's rather annoying beacuse one will die fastly and unfairly. Actually this mode adds finally something unique to the gameplay. After killing bosses one can obtain boss's statue and with 25% chance a pet ranging from regular pets, light pets and mounts.
  11. The secret For The Worthy seed is also boring and repetive. It's just Terraria with smaller or bigger bosses. No AI was changed at all. Despite flaws starting a game of FTW can be suprising and challenging. Also you get nothing from beating this seed.


  1. Always carry a safe or piggy bank everywhere you go, as you will likely need extra storage as you explore. As they work similar to the Ender Chest from Minecraft, both are very valuable items.
    • During a Blood Moon, you can optionally farm for the Money Trough which is a more portable version of the piggy bank.
    • After defeating Skeletron, you can then craft the Void Bag and Vault, the former which not only provides full access to the latter, but also picks up items and and adds them to the Void Vault if your inventory is full.
  2. Upon reaching Hardmode, look for Mimics around the world and farm for a Cross Necklace. This accessory will double the length of your invincibility frames and will increase your chances of survival. This is especially useful during boss fights.
  3. Once you start a world, search for Heart Crystals immediately. They will increase your maximum health up to 400 HP.
    • In Hardmode, after defeating one of the mechanical bosses (Destroyer, The Twins, Skeletron Prime), look for twenty Life Fruits in the Underground Jungle before fighting the rest of the aforementioned bosses. This will bring your maximum health up to 500 HP.
  4. Farming bosses is an easy method of earning money, especially in Expert Mode and above. Before Hardmode is initiated, the Queen Bee and the Brain of Cthulhu (exclusive to Crimson worlds) are the best options to go for. In Hardmode, the overall best boss to farm money from is arguably Golem, due to the amount of loot he drops on average along with 15 gold (27 gold in Expert and higher).
    • The aforementioned Mimics also drop a good amount of money, with an average of ten gold on Normal Mode and 25 gold on Expert Mode. The items they drop can also be sold for a fair amount.



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