The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

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The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild



The shadow of Calamity Ganon rises over the ashes of Hyrule... Answer the call.
Protagonist: Link
Genre: Action
Platforms: Wii U
Nintendo Switch
Release Date: WW: March 3, 2017
Developer: Nintendo EPD
Publisher: Nintendo
Franchise: The Legend of Zelda
Previous Game: Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity
Next Game: Untitled sequel to Breath of the Wild (in development)

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is an open world adventure game. It was released as a launch title for the Nintendo Switch and for the Wii U in early 2017.


100 years ago, it was prophesied that Calamity Ganon would return after being sealed for 99,900 years. As Ganon's return was eminent, the Hyrule kingdom located and excavated ancient Sheikah tech that were once used to seal Calamity Ganon away during the first Great Calamity, a mechanical army of autonomous weapons called the Guardians, and the Divine Beasts. 4 members, one from each race in Hyrule, were chosen to pilot the Divine Beasts and were given the title of Champion. While Hyrule was preparing, Zelda vigorously trained to try an awaken her sealing magic to use to seal Ganon away while researching the ancient technology that the Sheikah tribe built. She went to two of the 3 Springs of the Goddesses to try to awaken her powers which fails, but later on the day of her birthday, Zelda travels to the Spring of Wisdom on the summit of Mount Lanayru, but is unable to awaken her powers. After returning from Mount Lanayru, Calamity Ganon is free from his prison and begins the Second Great Calamity. The Champions, Link and Zelda battled Ganon, but, however, learning from his experience that got him to be sealed thousands of years ago, Calamity Ganon takes control of the Guardians as well as the Divine Beasts and turns them against Hyrule. Many people (Including the King of Hyrule, the Champions, and Hyrule's Royal Army) lost their lives in the Great Calamity. Afterwards, Link and Zelda both try to flee to Fort Hateno to escape the rampaging Guardians but are soon attacked by a group of them. After defeating a handful of Guardian Stalkers to protect Zelda, Link is severely injured and is brought to the Shrine of Resurrection to be put in as stasis sleep while Zelda travels to Hyrule Castle to face Calamity Ganon, sealing him away for 100 years and thus ending the Great Calamity. 100 years after the events of the Great Calamity that destroyed most of Hyrule, Link awakens from an ancient slumber and guided by the voice of Zelda. She warns that Calamity Ganon is about to be freed from his prison and will soon destroy the world. Link must now finish what he started 100 years ago and stop Calamity Ganon once and for all.

Why It Rocks

  1. Hyrule is so large and vast, it is 12 times larger than what it was in Twilight Princess.
  2. Lots of weapons and equipment. Some have special powers such as having fire, ice, or thunder magic.
  3. It is the first sequel since Zelda 2, Nintendo confirmed that the game takes after the entire series.
  4. Numerous armor parts most of which have beneficial effects such as cold resistance or increasing attack.
  5. You can upgrade your armor's defense level by redeeming found items with a Great Fairy.
  6. The story is really interesting.
  7. For the ladies, this marks the second time (first was Twilight Princess) in the Zelda series where Link goes shirtless, even better, you can actually choose it this time.
  8. Lots of shrines to find in the world, which act as instant warp points to teleport to. Shrines act as mini-dungeons, each focusing on a specific puzzle or a mini-boss. Shrines give you Spirit Orbs after completing, you can trade 4 of them for an additional heart container or extend your stamina bar.
  9. The four Divine Beasts are spectacular events and act as the main dungeons of the game. Each Divine Beast you save helps you during the final boss.
  10. Tons of collectibles can be found.
  11. You can ride the "Sand Seals" (walruses that live on sand) to cross the desert.
  12. You can set five stamps on the map to mark where you want to go. This is very useful when finding landmarks in the distance.
  13. Link can cook food items to increase the amount of health they restore and get a temporary special effect such as increasing Link's defense or making him more resistant to heat or cold.
  14. A shrine radar that helps you find shrines nearby. An upgrade can be obtained to find monsters and items instead of shrines too.
  15. Not counting the CD-i games, this is the first Zelda game with voice acting, though Link has no voice actor.
  16. This marks the first time since the original game where players can go at their own pace and explore freely.
  17. NPCs react to Link differently depending on what he has equipped at the time or even when he doesn't have any equipment on him. One notable example being most NPCs reacting in fear and disgust when approached while wearing the Tingle outfit, referencing the fact that Tingle is one of the least popular characters in the Zelda franchise.
  18. Tons of bosses and now they have a proper health bar.
  19. Stunning, cel-shaded graphics.
  20. For the first time ever in a 3D Zelda game, you actually have the ability to jump without having to use an action command!
  21. Link can climb almost any structure in the game and gets a paraglider. You can combine the two to fast-travel by jumping off a tall structure or mountain and paragliding towards your destination. Climbing tall mountains also makes it easier to find buildings and shrines at a far distance.
  22. You can get the Master Sword once you find it and have 13 Hearts, though it needs 10 in-game minutes to recharge if used too much (unlike normal weapons, which just break when used too much).
  23. Amiibo can be really useful.
  24. A couple of characters from previous games return here, such as the Koroks, Great Deku Tree, Beedle, and Wolf-Link.
    • While Fi from Skyward Sword does make an appearance here, she doesn't actually appear on-screen due to still being inside of the Master Sword. Though the Master Sword does make a certain sound in two cutscenes that proves this.
  25. The Monk Maz Koshia bossfight is absolutely amazing and it's regarded as one of the best boss fights in the entire series!

Bad Qualities

  1. The weapon durability system has a somewhat questionable implementation, as weapons break very quickly and sometimes the player won't have any decent weapon to replace the broken ones nearby.
    • The durability system can also become annoying due to the very similar weapons given out, especially during battles.
    • It can also be annoying as there is no way to tell if that weapon is damaged, so you could use that weapon during a battle, but then change this weapon to another weapon, and change into that weapon only to find out that weapon is badly damage.
    • The Master Sword is also affected, though instead of breaking it becomes unusable for about 10 minutes until it's recharged.
  2. Even though there's proper voice acting and NPCs that have plenty of character and emotion, Link is still a silent protagonist that mostly just stands watching and rarely shows any emotion.
  3. There are technical issues which are common in very large, open world games like this, the most notable one being the slightly stuttering framerate. Patches have largely eliminated these from the Switch version, especially in handheld mode, but the Wii U version never saw any real performance improvements.
  4. There are times when the game is too open-ended with no clear direction on what to do, that combined with how huge the game world it can cause players to get lost frequently, sometimes for over an hour. This isn't helped by Hyrule having large amounts of empty space where there's not much to do.
  5. Somewhat limited enemy variety, while there are ten varieties of enemies, six of them have different variants with simple palette swaps with greater attack power.
  6. The arrows have somewhat very poor range, unlike the previous Zelda titles, the arrows will go down firing from a far distance.
  7. Due to the completely open-ended nature of the game, the difficulty is very unbalanced because nothing stops you from going into challenges and enemy encounters you're clearly not strong enough to face or areas that you don't have the right equipment to explore safely.
  8. While the game has tons of different bosses, the ones found on the four Divine Beast bosses are kind of hit or miss, they are shadowy elemental monsters called "(insert element name here) Blight Ganon".
    • Dark Beast Ganon, the final boss, isn't much better. There's not much you have to do except for obtain the Bow of Light and shoot at the targets.
  9. Only a few music tracks are in the game, with most of them being ambient tracks.
  10. There are no proper dungeons, only the Shrines, Divine Beasts, and Hyrule Castle.
  11. Getting all Korok seeds is pointless due to the fact that you get a very pointless reward for doing so.
  12. Voice acting could be a little more convincing.
  13. Like Skyward Sword, this game has a stamina wheel, and while it's improved from that game, it's still a pain to endure and unnecessary. (However, there are several glitches that don't require you to use stamina, i.e. Whistle Sprinting and Moon Jump)
  14. The Yiga Clan can be very annoying, as they can appear at the wrong place at the wrong time (i.e. fighting a Guardian). Not to mention that once you defeat their leader, Master Kohga, and retrieve the Thunder Helm for Divine Beast Vah Naboris, the Yiga clan will keep attacking the player and there's nothing you can do about it to prevent them. ALSO, Master Kohga was a very disappointing boss.


The game currently has a user rating of 4.58 out of five on GameFAQs and is already regarded as one of the greatest open world games of all time and the best Zelda game to date. It is considered the main reason the Nintendo Switch sold over 1.5 million units in less than two weeks after release (despite the game also being available on the Wii U), and, despite not being the console's best selling game (that title goes to Mario Kart 8 Deluxe), it used to be for a certain period.

Angry Joe gave the game a 9/10, making it the first game he has ever reviewed on a Nintendo console. The only reason he hadn't reviewed a Nintendo game until now (despite also owning a Wii U) was due to him not wanting to deal with Nintendo content ID claiming videos he made which featured footage from Nintendo games (as was the case with videos of him and his friends playing games like Mario Party 10).

Breath of the Wild went on to win several awards at The Game Awards 2017, including Best Game Direction and Game of the Year and it was also nominated for the Game of the Year award at the National Academy of Video Game Trade Reviewers Awards, but lost to Super Mario Odyssey, but it managed to win Original Light Mix Score (Franchise) and Art Direction (Fantasy).

As of December 2018, the game has sold 11.6 million copies worldwide.

Game Tips

  1. While it is possible to fight Calamity Ganon early on in the game, it is undoubtedly not recommended. Especially if it's your first time playing the game.
  2. Make sure you constantly look for Shrines and clear them, they give you Spirit Orbs to upgrade your health and Stamina and act as warp points around the map.
  3. An easy way to find Shrines is to climb to a tall mountain and look for the orange glow they give at a distance. The orange glow is easier to notice at night. Once you find the glow, set a waypoint marker on them.
  4. Of the four Divine Beasts, take the path way that leads to the Zora Domain's Divine Beast, Vah Ruta, not only is Water Blight Ganon (the boss of that Divine Beast) an easy boss to take on, but you also get Mipha's Grace, an ability that will recover you to full health if die.
  5. There is an easy way to take out the ice cubes summoned by the Water Divine Beast and the Water Blight Ganon, use the Cryonis ability to take out the ice cubes.
  6. When trying to find shock arrows for the Vah Ruta fight, do not fight the Lynel to get Shock Arrows. Instead, go to Lurelin Village, which is south of Hateno Village. Lurelin Village has a store that sells Shock Arrows for very cheap.
  7. Some Shrines have you fight a Guardian Scout as a mini-boss, use Ice and Shock Arrows to continuously stun them and take them out. These mini-bosses all use the same strategy, the only difference between each is their health and weapons.
  8. You'll need 13 Heart Points to be able to pull the Master Sword from the stone at Korok Forest. There's a statue at Hateno Village that lets you swap Heart Containers for Stamina Vessels and vice-versa for 20 Rupees, use it to keep reducing your Stamina until you get 13 Heart Points, get the Master Sword, then go back to the statue and recover your Stamina points.
  9. When starting the game, it's highly recommended to avoid the Guardians like the plague. They are powerful, mechanical robots that can one-shot you with their lasers if you aren't careful if you don't have a lot of hearts. They are mostly found north of Hyrule Field, near Hyrule Castle (they are also everywhere in Hyrule Castle), and the Akkala region.
    • There are three Sheikah Towers that prove to be very difficult to get to for inexperienced players, as these towers have Guardians that are nearby, most of them are Stalkers and Skywatchers (AKA the Guardians that can move). These towers are the Central, Akkala, and the Eldin towers. If you don't want to fight the Guardians to get to the towers or just don't want to get killed by them in general, we suggest that you first obtain the ability called Revali's Gale, an ability that can craft an updraft when you hold the jump button and can be used 3 times before it can be recharged, which you can get after beating the Divine Beast Vah Medoh (Not to mention that Wind Blight Ganon is very easy) so you can avoid getting detected by the patrolling Guardians when using that ability.
      • If you don't have Revali's Gale and you aren't well prepared to fight the Guardians, then sneaking past them is the only option you have since trying to avoid being detected by them can be a pain to do.
      • Take caution when trying to get to the Eldin Tower and/or to Goron City, as there are two Guardian Stalkers that are on the path towards the tower. Also make sure you have a fireproof elixir in your inventory that you can use so you can avoid getting burned to a crisp.
  10. During the Monk Maz Koshia boss fight, when he makes nine duplicates, use the camera rune to find the real one.
    • You can also drop a Mighty Banana to distract the Monk to eating it, making him vulnerable, but keep in mind this only works once per boss fight and when he isn't a giant.





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At least there's whistle sprinting for Bad Quality 13, it doesn't use the stamina, but it can unintentionally attract monsters to you very easily


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I get that everyone on Tumblr loved the Yiga Clan, and heck they even have their discord servers, but really?


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Personally, I don't mind the Yiga Clan very much. The Blademasters in the Yiga Clan Hideout are the only threatening Yiga enemy as they freaking one-hit you.


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