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"Sure enough, curiosity has brought you here."

The Room (not to be confused with the Tommy Wiseau movie) is a puzzle/mystery game developed and published by Fireproof Games. In this game, the protagonist opens strange and complex objects, while trying to discover through paper the events of a person known only as "AS". It was initially released for iOS, later getting versions for Android, PC and Nintendo Switch.

Why It Rocks

  1. The mechanics of the game, although simple enough, are intuitive and almost perfect: With your finger or mouse (in the PC version) you can either control the camera or move objects. And this is addictive!
  2. Impressive graphics quality, especially for Android/iOS standards, especially due to the fact it has been produced by less than a dozen people. The port for Nintendo Switch is very close to the PC version.
  3. The background story of AS is quite mystical and interesting, as it tries to do everything to find the null matter (or just null, in the next versions).
  4. The game (or AS) takes advantage of the player using the curiosity and the time to make it continue playing to the end, a particularly interesting stimulus.
  5. The objects in the game are frighteningly complex and very interesting to explore.
  6. Mysterious music-theme and equally mystical sound effects that perfectly match the atmosphere of the game.
  7. Small objects (such as braces) are easy to assemble and handle due to the inclusion of a casually inserted inventory in the left corner.
  8. The game has an unusual monocle that allows the player to see hidden details and manipulate figures that allude to the void, or to open drawer drawers.
  9. Won several awards and titles, marking the rise of Fireproof Games and the game itself.
  10. Consistent FPS that never falls.
  11. The PC version has improved graphics.
  12. It is the cheapest game in the franchise, and despite being a mobile game, it does not have any type of microtransactions.
  13. It has tips, which can be a great help if the player is stranded.

Bad Quality

  1. The size of the game is quite large (about 100MB).