Timesplitters: Future Perfect

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Timesplitters: Future Perfect
TS3 Cover.png
"It's time to split!" - Sergeant Cortez
Protagonist: Sergeant Cortez
Genre: First Person Shooter
Platforms: PlayStation 2
Release Date: March 21, 2005
Developer: Free Radical
Publisher: EA Games
Franchise: Timesplitters
Previous Game: Timesplitters 2

Timesplitters: Future Perfect is a first person shooter created by Free Radical.


Directly following the events of Timesplitters 2, Sgt. Cortez returns with the time crystals. Using these crystals, Cortez is directly sent back in time to find out what caused the timesplitter war in the first place.


The gameplay is similar to the other Timesplitters games, but with a few new additions. Almost all of the levels now feature a "partner" from the different time periods. In some parts of the levels, Cortez will help himself out from the future. Soon after that, the player has to repeat the same event from a different perspective. A few other additions were the introduction of vehicles and blood effects when enemies are shot.

Why It Rocks

  1. As it suggests, the game offers levels set in different time periods that look great visually.
  2. The weapons are great fun to use.
  3. As always, dual wielding is present.
  4. Blood was added to this game.
  5. The game has an actual narrative unlike the last two games.
  6. Well animated cutscenes.
  7. Hilarious and over-the-top characters and dialogue.
  8. The game has levels inspired by games like Perfect Dark and Resident Evil.
  9. A level later in the game is clearly inspired by the future in Terminator films.
  10. Great multiplayer mode with tons of maps, weapons and gamemodes.
  11. Many different options to mess around with in multiplayer
  12. Tons of playable characters in multiplayer
    • The characters having special attributes is up to the players discretion.
  13. Features multiple different challenges that unlock extra content.
  14. Like all the Timesplitters games, the game features a level builder.
  15. Tons of extra content to unlock.
  16. The story mode can be played co-op.

Bad Qualities

  1. Despite being a game about time travel, some of the weapons that appear in the two levels set in 1969 are historically inaccurate. Obviously this doesn't detract from the gameplay.
  2. Some of the aforementioned challenges can be frustrating at times.

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