Tom Clancy's The Division

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Tom Clancy's The Division
What will it take to save what remains?
Protagonist: SHD Agent
Genre: Tactical Shooter
Platforms: Microsoft Windows
PlayStation 4
Xbox One
Release Date: March 8, 2016
Developer: Massive Entertainment
Red Storm Entertainment
Ubisoft Annecy
Publisher: Ubisoft
Franchise: Tom Clancy's
Next Game: Tom Clancy's The Division 2

Tom Clancy's The Division is an online-only tactical third-person shooter that was developed by Massive Entertainment and published by Ubisoft.

On March 15, 2019, the game's sequel Tom Clancy's The Division 2 was released.


During Black Friday, a strain of mutated smallpox viruses (later dubbed the "Dollar Flu") causes a severe outbreak in the city, leading the US Government to quarantine the entire city and then later, after losing control over it to several different factions, activates the Strategic Homeland Division (SHD) or 'The Division' to go in and take back the city. After the first group of agents (the 'First Wave') disappear due to unknown reasons, the government activates the 'Second Wave' to go in after them; this is the wave that the player is part of.

Why It Rocks

  1. Unlike most generic modern shooters (which is usually about a soldier in the US Army invading another country) this story is somewhat unique (an undercover agent going into an infected city to 'save what remains')
  2. You can match different skills and weapons to fit one's playstyle.
  3. The main enemies in the game have different levels of AI and unique personalities.
    • The "rioters" are push-over thugs that act tough, although they aren't.
    • The "cleaners" are psychotic pyromaniacs that will try to torch you if you get too close to them.
    • The "Rikers" are territorial escaped convicts that have a thirst for blood for JTF (the allied faction) and SHD Agents alike, and they usually are in large numbers.
    • The "Last Man Battalion" (LMB) are superb strategists with the strongest weapons are more often than not, the deadliest faction out of the four.
    • "Hunters" (high-level enemies that mimic the player's playstyle in the Underground and Survival, two DLCs for The Division) are silent super killers that drop skills and equipment similar to the player's and can kill the player with one hit via a tomahawk ax. Killing them has a chance of dropping the best loot.
  4. The Joint Task Force's (JTF) morale fits in with the progress of the story. For example, when the player first arrives in Manhattan, if they look around and listen closely, they can hear JTF soldiers crying, praying, and even talking about defecting to be with their families; however, at the end of the final mission (where the player kills the leader of the LMB) they can be seen cheering and raising their weapons in victory.
    • The way they talk with the player also fits in with the story; at first, they complain that a 'certain enemy has taken this part of Manhattan' but as the player completes the main missions, the JTF praises the player for clearing out that part of Manhattan or that building that was a big problem for them.
  5. Players can travel almost anywhere in Manhattan (where the main game takes place) and Brooklyn (where the player starts); this can range from traveling up to residential buildings to down into the sewers.
  6. Intelligence (phone call recordings, drone pictures, video footage, etc.) add tremendously to the storyline.
  7. The Dark Zone (a strict PvP area on the map of Manhattan that was closed off as an attempt to contain all the sick in one place) is a good place to get the best gear and some special cosmetics.
    • Another thing is that players can go 'rogue' and kill other players to get their loot as well.
  8. ECHOs (special holograms that are formed by the player's special tech) take the place of cutscenes, so said cutscenes can be saved for more important moments.
  9. Incursions (Challenging after-story missions), High-Value Target missions, daily missions, as well as daily and weekly assignments, add a lot of replayability to the game.
  10. As of Update 1.8, there is now a Hoard mode called Resistance, along with a new area of the map West Side Pier (a place where all four enemies team up against the players).
    • Also in 1.8 there is a regular PvP mode, for those who just want a regular 4v4 PvP match.
  11. While the game does have loot boxes, all of the said loot boxes can be earned one way or another in-game, meaning you don't have to spend real money to get any loot boxes.
  12. Global Events (special timed events that usually last 7-10 days) changes the way the PvE features work while adding new challenges and rewards; this adds another layer of replayability.

Bad Qualities

  1. It had a poor launch when it first came out due to lacking activities and missions.
  2. The JTF (the player's allies) are useless for the most part.
  3. Because it's an online-only game, it is impossible to pause, and will log you out of the game if you're idle for too long.
  4. Due to it being online-only, you are forced to install Ubisoft's app on the Xbox Store/PlayStation Store to play the game.
  5. In West Side Pier there are surprise attacks by the enemies which could get some players annoyed.
  6. Because of the events in 2020 the game is retroactively a coronavirus simulator with you playing the fascist heroic murder cop gunning down rioters during a pandemic, a concept that may hit too close to home or some may find uncomfortable. Paradoxically, this may well be the appeal to some, being able to do something about the virus or bring order to chaos.


  • According to Ubisoft, The Division became their highest selling game, breaking the company's sales records.
  • The game has spawned multiple memes, such as "Closing car doors" and "They Got Alex!"
    • These memes have been referenced in the game in later updates.
  • If one looks closely, there are multiple references and Easter eggs scattered all throughout the map.
  • When the developers found out that an Italian girl named Stefania (who loved playing The Division) passed away, they added a mural in DZ06 as a tribute to her. Once the story of the mural got out, there were countless screenshots and videos of players kneeling or saluting the mural being posted to social media.


  • When first starting off in Brooklyn, you have two weapons: an MP5 and an M1911. Use your pistol for long-range combat and cover fire (the pistol doesn't have an ammo count) and the MP5 for close-quarter combat.
  • Stormers (armed with either melee weapons or shotguns, indicated with a lightning bolt next to their health bar) should be first priority, as they can knock the player out of cover, make them stagger and unable to fire for a brief second, and do tremendous damage in a very short time.
  • If no Stormers are present and you are dealing with the LMB the medics should be first priority, as they heal injured enemies and (higher levels) drop special stations that recover the enemy's armor.
  • Some enemies (regular Cleaners, grenadiers, Heavy Gunners, Guards) have weak points that will either kill them entirely or leave them vulnerable. Use these to your advantage.
  • Do not use your Recovery Link (a Signature Skill that grants a major health boost to players, and can revive all downed or unconscious players) with others until 1) the downed players have moved into a safe spot where they can fight again, 2) all players are down/unconscious or 3) the downed player(s) are in an area that is unreachable for a manual revive.


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