Totally Accurate Battle Simulator

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Note: This game is currently in Early Access, so some of the "Why It Rocks" and "Bad Qualities" may be subjected to change as the game gets developed.

Totally Accurate Battle Simulator
"Hurr durr! 'Flops around and tries to attack the enemy unit'" - Pretty much any unit in the game
Genre: Simulation
Platforms: Microsoft Windows
Xbox One
Release Date: April 1, 2019
Game Engine: Unity
Developer: Landfall Games
Publisher: Landfall Games

TABS: Totally Accurate Battle Simulator is a ragdoll physics battle simulation developed and published by Swedish studio Landfall Games. The game was first created as alphas in 2016 and then released as early access on Steam on April 1, 2019.


Why It Rocks

  1. Like Totally Accurate Battlegrounds, a spinoff of the game, it's a unique battle simulator that no other gives. All of the characters are floppy ragdoll-based characters that can't even walk properly, it makes the game hilarious and wacky.
  2. Currently, there are over 117 units in-game. And there's, even more, coming soon.
  3. Fun and unique gameplay that never gets old.
  4. The game has an actual BUG DLC that allows you to use bugs to mess around in the game and potentially break it. And even better, it's free!
  5. Great optimization for PCs.
  6. A near endless amount of replay value.
  7. The game doesn't have a steam workshop unlike most other games on steam, instead, it has its own workshop built into it and is powered by
  8. Humorous voice acting from the units.
  9. Great polygonal graphics that are pretty colorful and vibrant.
  10. There is an upcoming feature called the Unit Creator which allows people to create their own units.
  11. Up to 39 maps to mess around in, and each one has its own theme specifically for one of the factions.
  12. Each unit in the game is completely different from one another and they all have their own abilities, strengths, weaknesses, etc.
  13. Fantastic soundtrack.

Bad Qualities

  1. Even though the AI of the units is hilarious, they can be a little annoying when trying to complete the campaign.
  2. Finding the specific creation you want on the workshop can be needlessly difficult.


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