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Tower Unite is an Indie game made the Unreal Engine 4 by PixelTail Games, released for Steam Early Access On Steam on 2016. In the past it was a mod for Garry's Mod called GMod Tower that ran from 2009 to 2016 and eventually became its own stand alone game when the limitations of the Source engine became apparent.

Why It Rocks

  1. Multiple unique game-modes that you can play such as Minigolf, Ballrace, Virus, Little Crusaders, and Zombie Massacre.
  2. Players can own their own condo that can be decorated with furniture they you buy with currency earned from playing. and even purchase other condos with different layouts like an underwater home, the original plaza from GMod Tower, and an art studio.
  3. The recent workshop update now lets you upload and choose any character from a franchise you like or an original creation.
  4. The workshop update also added custom furniture. meaning anything can be put into the workshop and be placed as furniture for your condo.
  5. There are media players (TVs, Computer Monitors, a theater, even small phones!) that let you play videos from online streams such as YouTube, Twitch, and soon SoundCloud.
  6. You can place canvases of many kinds (Pictures, Flags, and Signs) that use images from the internet as their textures.
  7. There is a casino in the lobby where you can gamble your currency on a variety of games. There are slot machines, blackjack and texas hold'em tables that, and a prize wheel that gives random stuff ranging from hula dolls to full pianos.
  8. It has been recently announced that the new in-game plaza, Lobby 3 is in production and coming soon.
  9. The developers are incredibly vocal and regularly communicate with the community regularly on their forums and Discord server with frequent sneak peeks on future content and weekly dev logs.

Bad Qualities

Note: Please bear in mind that the game is in Early Access so there is going to be problems with it and they might eventually get fixed in the future.

  1. Due to PixelTail's small development team the updates can be very slow.
  2. The game is poorly optimized and can have low frames and long load times.
  3. Another notable poor optimization is the large dip in frames with workshop items and unoptimized areas.
  4. Occasionally the game may have a fatal error and crash due to an error in the engine.
  5. Some may argue that the game doesn't seem to have most of the charm that GMod Tower had.