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Toy Story

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Who said that the genesis can't handle 3D graphics?
Genre: Action
Platforms: Microsoft Windows
Super Nintendo Entertainment System
Sega Genesis
Game Boy
Release Date: Sega Genesis
NA: November 22, 1995
EU: 1996
PL: May 10, 1996
BR: October 12, 1996

Super Nintendo Entertainment System
NA: December 1995
BR: May 1996
EU: June 1996
JP: April 26, 1996
AU: 1996

Game Boy
NA: May 1996
EU: 1996

Microsoft Windows
NA: October 31, 1996
Developer: Traveller's Tales
Tiertex Design Studios (GB)
Publisher: WW: Disney Interactive
EU: Sega (Genesis)
EU/AU: Nintendo (SNES)
JP: Capcom (SNES)
WW: Black Pearl Software (GB)
Franchise: Toy Story
Next Game: Toy Story 2: Buzz Lightyear to the Rescue!

Toy Story is an action-platforming game based on the movie of the same name. It was released for the Sega Genesis, Super Nintendo Entertainment System, and Microsoft Windows.

Why It Rocks

  1. The graphics are impressive for the platform with pre-rendered 3D graphics and some 3D effects.
  2. The controls are spot on and Woody controls well.
  3. As mentioned above, the levels range from different genres. Some levels are platforming, 2 are top down racing, some are chase sequences, one of them is a front view racing (DayToyNa) in the style of Outrun but smoother, and one of them is a 3D 1st person raycast maze.
  4. Most of the characters from the movie are in the game.
  5. The levels are in order of the events of the movie and is pretty faithful to said movie.
  6. The game features stills from the movie in the cutscenes which go over 100 on screen colors which the Sega Genesis can only go up to 64.
  7. There are other impressive effects that push the Sega Genesis and the Super Nintendo Entertainment System to their limits.
    • The shelves, bed, vending machines, arcade machines and restaurant chairs have a 3D depth to them.
    • As mentioned above, there is a first-person 3D level with wall, floor, and celling textures and this game doesn't have any special enhancement chips nor does it require an add on like the 32X.
    • There is a racing level that uses a 3D textured road and objects like Outrun but it runs smoother.
  8. The game is challenging in a good way.
  9. If you get enough stars, you can enter a bonus level where you shoot stars to win extra hit points and you can even get continues.
  10. The soundtrack is catchy, especially on the Genesis.
    • Speaking of which, the game's rendition of “Strange Things are Happening” and “You've Got a Friend in Me” have the most impressive uses of Soundtracks in gaming history as they sound a lot like the Amiga (due to using an Amiga mod player).

Bad Qualities

  1. The SNES version, while still great, lacks some stuff that the Sega Genesis version has due to limitation issues, such as:
    • The DayToyNa level is missing.
    • There is no rendition of “You've Got a Friend in Me” in the cutscenes nor the level select screen, but fortunately, there is a good reason for that.
    • The cutscenes either only have one or no images as this is likely due to the SNES resolution being more square and the Genesis is more widescreen.
  2. The RC levels can be tricky as RC is not the best controlling thing in the game.
  3. The US version of the game doesn't have a password system nor any save system of any type but this was added to the European version
  4. The Game Boy version isn't that great and is lacking stuff.
  5. Speaking of the Game Boy port, it also suffers from framerate issues.
  6. The PC version of the game is extremely difficult to beat as Woody's speed is highly increased, though this could be a programming error.


The game received mostly positive reviews on the Genesis and SNES as the PC version had mixed reviews. The game was praised for its visuals, gameplay and the PC version was praised for its soundtrack but criticized for everything else. GamePro said that "Despite the stunning graphics, Toy Story's uninspiring gameplay makes for merely fleeting fun" while Game Informer said that the game was "a humorous and fun adventure that will certainly entertain everyone in the whole family." and Roger Burchill of Super Play said that while the Genesis version "marked a new high point" in graphics and gameplay, the Super NES version "can't help but be compared to Donkey Kong Country 2 and that's a comparison where it will lose every time."

Mark of Classic Game Room called the game one of the most ambitious titles on the Genesis and that it appeals to both kids and adults just like the movie. He also praised the fact that the game has creative objectives to recreate scenes from the movie to capture the spirit of the movie.


  • The Sega Genesis has an Amiga MOD player which is used on the title screen and credits. There's a tool that lets you replace the menu music with any Amiga MOD file up to a certain file size.
  • The developers were playing Clockwork Knight while developing Toy Story.




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