Trover Saves the Universe

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Trover Saves the Universe is a 2019 VR game created by Rick and Morty co-creator, Justin Roiland.

Why It Rocks

  1. The entire game is a self-deprecation game that involves poking fun at gaming in general. As the character you play as is known as a "Chairorpian", which are humanoid species that never leaves their chairs and live in a world where walking is illegal, and they control their chairs using a game controller.
  2. The story is very self-aware that it is a video game as you control a character named Trover who is aware he's being controlled and constantly insults you when you're playing as him.
  3. The game's story is very creative. The story is about you are playing a Chairorpian in order to retrieve the two dogs stolen by Glorkon the Abstainer, who placed them into his eyeholes in order to finally gain the power he needs to fulfill his dream of destroying the universe. The other Abstainers are not cool with that, however, and so they provide Chairorpian with Trover, and you control Trover with the "power puppies" in his eyeholes.
  4. Very interesting control system. You play as Trover by using the "power puppies" in his eyeholes, and you fight enemies with a laser sword.
  5. Very hilarious voice acting, as Justin Roiland does most of the voice work that comes off as purposely monotonous with the hilarious improvised dialogue it comes with.

Bad Qualities

  1. It's pretty short.