Two Worlds II

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Two Worlds II
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This is what the first game should've been, even if it still doesn't put Oblivion to shame.
Genre: Action
Platforms: Microsoft Windows
Mac OS
Xbox 360
PlayStation 3
Release Date: Microsoft Windows & Mac OS X
EU: November 12, 2010
NA: February 8, 2011
AU: February 24, 2011

Xbox 360
EU: November 12, 2010
NA: January 25, 2011
AU: November 2010

PlayStation 3
EU: November 19, 2010
NA: January 25, 2011

Game Engine: GRACE
Developer: Reality Pump Studios
Publisher: TopWare Interactive
Made in: Poland
Previous Game: Two Worlds

Two Worlds II is a 2010 action role-playing game developed by Reality Pump Studios and published by TopWare Interactive. It was released for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 & PC for Europe in 2010 with a North American and Australian release in 2011.

Why It Rocks

  1. It's a BIG improvement over the first game in every way whilst retaining its few good qualities.
  2. The graphics look decent for 2010 standards as some of the environments look really detailed.
  3. Large open-world to explore. Unlike the first game, you can now access a teleport which allows you to fast travel from one place to another.
  4. A huge amount of side-quests for you to do and, unlike the first game, it doesn't require you to walk back and forth to talk to people over and over again.
    • As you do those side-quests, you learn more about the NPCs backstories which are surprisingly more interesting than the main story and keep players engaged in them.
  5. Several side-activities such as Gambling and Playing the Harp to make music for NPCs.
  6. While the voice acting isn't great, it can make some hilarious dialogue at times.
  7. Various amounts of weapons to choose from like swords, daggers, staffs or bows & arrows. You can also now dual wield weapons.
  8. Playing as a mage is great and the game makes full use of its physics engine for the magic abilities.
  9. You can level up your characters through six different sets of skills:
    • Resilience: used for regenerating health. Upgrading with make you heal up much quicker than before.
    • Elemental Resistance: used for resisting elemental attacks. Upgrading with make enemies deal less elemental damage on you.
    • Poison Resistance: used for resisting poisonous attacks. Upgrading with make poison deal less infection on you.
    • Physical Resistance: used for resisting physical attacks. Upgrading with make enemies deal less physical damage on you.
    • Stamina: used for running. Upgrading with make your stamina last longer than before.
  10. Great crafting system that allows you to break apart any type of weapon or material and turn it into an ultimate weapon. You can even do this with items and create the ultimate healing, stamina or magic potion.
  11. Enemies aren't as extremely overpowered as they were in the first game and their AI is smarter than before. You also have more strategy when fighting a whole group of enemies.
  12. The horse riding controls are more tolerable than they were in the first game as you can now fully control it rather that it going wherever it wants.
  13. Good soundtrack with the highlights being Sand and Blood, Road to Temptation and the Main Theme.
  14. The game also has multiplayer but unlike the original it has new and better modes like duel and co-op adventure.
  15. DLC expansions that explore more of the world and lore such as Call of the Tenebrae, Pirates of the Flying Fortress & Shattered Embrace.
    • The PC version contains more additional DLC packs and missions.
  16. Speaking of which, the PC is much improved over the console versions with faster loading times, better lighting and a lack of framerate stutter.

Bad Qualities

  1. The main story is generic and becomes completely unfocused throughout.
  2. Since there's so many side-quests, the game could become repetitive at times.
  3. The main character almost feels one dimensional as he always speaks in a monotone voice.
  4. Really clunky controls as running, sneaking and blocking are all used by the same input.
    • The combat animation also looks awkward.
  5. Lackluster boss fights like Sordahon.
  6. Some instances of stuttering and screen tearing. The PC version fixes some of those issues.
  7. Occasional bugs and glitches like enemies glitching out and your main character warping back and fourth.
  8. Character models look really bad, with some of the NPCs in particularly looking like they had unfinished faces.
  9. Very average voice acting, though much more tolerable than the first game's.
  10. Disappointing ending that throws in a ton of plot twists and plot holes.
  11. The game was updated with microtransactions in 2017, clearly showing that TopWare Interactive wants to milk the game as much as possible.


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