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Asexual King Dice
Custom information
Custom 1

I discovered the reception wikis when I investigated about Joshua and the Promised Land (Don't ask).

Custom 2

I make edits on Powerpoint 2016. I think Im preatty good with it, Just check this out

Custom 3

I'm part of a multifandom that is a Crossover of Undertale x Cuphead x Danganronpa x Yo-kai Watch x Invader Zim

Custom 4

Pages I made/helped/plan to make/recreating:

Awesome games Wiki

Yo-kai Watch (Created, with the help of TigerBlazer)

Cuphead (Helped, I added the trivia)

Undertale (Helped, I added the trivia)

Crappy Games Wiki

Depression Quest (Recreating it)

Sad Satan (Plan to recreate)

Terrible Tv Shows Wiki

FNAFHS (Plan to make when become confirmed user)

Rotten Websites wiki

Fujoshis/Fudashis (plan to make)

Dreadful Books Wiki

Anonymous Asexual comics (Plan to make when become confirmed user)

Other information

Favorites: Heathers, Invader Zim: Enter the Florpus, K-12, The Lego Batman Movie


Favorites (cartoons): Invader Zim, Steven Universe, SpongeBob and She-ra, the Princesses of Power.

Favorites (animes): Violet Evergarden, Naruto, One Punch Man, The Promised Neverland


Favorites (musicians): My Chemical Romance, Machigerita, Kikuo, Melanie Martinez, GHOST.

Favorites (genre): Rock, vocaloid, metal, jazz, electroswing, videogames and cartoon soundtracks.


Favorites: Warrior Cats, The Hunger Games, Harry Potter, Percy Jackson.

Video games

Favorites: Undertale (Switch), Cuphead (Switch), Danganronpa THH (PC), Yo-kai Watch (3DS)


Favorites (foods): Sushi, Pozole, Meat, Salad

Favorites (desserts): Cake, Pudding, Jelly, Macaroonies


Favorites: Lemonade, Ramune, Coffee Coke, Orange soda

Personal information
Real name

Deity of shitpost


Tamaulipas, Mexico


December 20th, 2006


Editor, shitposter, memer, fanartist, gamer, student, calm shipper, Anti-SJW (Not against the calm Left-wing), Anti-Obsesive Anti-SJW (Not against the calm Right-wing), Anti-MAP

Places I have lived

My room (last 13 months)


Daily Lessons in Meme Culture

About me

Likes: Videogames, cartoons, gore, memes, shitpost, edits, anime, books, lost media, Black comedy, Jazz, Investigations, animals (cats, bats and hummingbirds are my favorites), Bees and spiders.

Dislikes: Rules, People, Reggaeton, Romance (genere), Porn, Anything that needs physical strenght, No privacy, Spies, Clown (biggest fear), SJW, Propaganda (OF ANY KIND), Giraffes, Cockroaches (I'm not afraid of those fuckers).

I consider myself as Asexual, demiromantic and Genderfluid (He/him, She/her, They/them)

From the test of MBTI, I'm INTJ.

From the test of Eneagram, I'm 5 wing 4

IRL I swear a lot, principally beacuse in my house they swear.

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