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Funny/sandbox/Angry Birds
Genre: Puzzle
Platforms: iOS
HP webOS
Samsung Galaxy Tablet 2 10.1
Series 40
Nintendo 3DS (AB Trilogy)
PlayStation Store (PSP/PS3/PS Vita/AB Trilogy)
Xbox 360/Xbox One (AB Trilogy)
Microsoft Windows
Windows Phone
Google Plus
Google Chrome (Chrome Web Store)
BlackBerry Tablet OS
Facebook (Flash)
Roku (discontinued)
Samsung Smart TV
Wii (AB Trilogy)
Wii U (AB Trilogy)
BlackBerry 10
Release Date: December 11, 2009
Developer: Rovio Entertainment
Publisher: Rovio Entertainment
Franchise: Angry Birds
Next Game: Angry Birds 2 (Chronological)
Angry Birds Seasons (Release)

Angry Birds is a puzzle video game developed by Finnish computer game developer Rovio Mobile that started the Angry Birds franchise. Inspired primarily by a sketch of stylized wingless birds, the game was first released for iOS and Maemo in December 2009.

Since that time, over 12 million copies of the game have been purchased from the iOS App Store, which has prompted the company to design versions for other touchscreen-based smartphones, most notably those using the Android, Symbian, Windows Phone and BlackBerry 10 operating systems. The series has since expanded to include titles for dedicated video game consoles and for PCs. A sequel named Angry Birds 2 was released on July 30, 2015.

Why It Rocks

  1. The concept of the game's plot about angry birds attacking green pigs because they took their eggs was interesting and original, and is executed well.
  2. Excellent graphics and art style, especially for 2009 standards.
  3. Likable and unique characters, such as Red, King Pig, Bomb and Matilda.
  4. Unique, simple and addictive gameplay where you use a slingshot to fling birds to destroy structures and pop pigs.
  5. Each bird has its own attributes, making them unique. For example, Chuck can speed up and is great at breaking wood, and Terrance is very strong and can break ice, wood and stone with no effort whatsoever.
  6. Creative level designs, especially in later installments.
  7. The game is heavily supported by the developers, with many updates added to the game and the franchise is still going strong thanks to them.
  8. Spawned many spin-off games, several shorts, and the popular feature-length computer-animated film and it's sequel.
  9. Huge marketing that should appeal to the fans of the game.
  10. It's one of the games that made the popularity of mobile games rise, as it became one of the most recognized mobile games ever along with Plants vs. Zombies and Fruit Ninja.
  11. The Golden Egg bonus levels can be unlocked if you find hidden eggs and the levels are fantastic and very creative compared to the levels in the normal mode.
  12. It spawned some great sequels, such as Angry Birds 2, Star Wars, Angry Birds Seasons, and Bad Piggies.
  13. It has some very well-composed and catchy songs, most notably the main theme, which became a popular internet meme since it was catchy.

Bad Qualities

  1. There are several versions of the game that aren't supported by Rovio, such as the console releases.
  2. After its film was released, the games were mediocre to the point it’s now on Crappy Games Wiki. However, it’s justified since they needed the budget to make the sequel of The Angry Birds Movie.
  3. It has gone highly downhill in recent years. When it became F2P in recent years, it became an ad fest even if you had paid for the game before.
  4. The game could be frustrating at times, especially in the Star Wars sequel.
  5. Although great, this game is too similar to another game called, "Break the Castle".
  6. Red is incredibly underpowered, since he has no special power at all.


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