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Loading Screen My Singing Monsters 1.0.0.png
Collect, breed, and listen to your monsters sing!
Genre: Simulation
Platforms: IOS
PlayStation Vita
Release Date: September 4, 2012 (iOS)
January 12, 2013 (Android)
January 12, 2013 (Amazon)
September 6, 2013 (Microsoft Windows)
August 12, 2014 (PlayStation Vita)
Developer: Big Blue Bubble
Big Fish Games (Windows version)
Publisher: Big Blue Bubble
Franchise: My Singing Monsters
Next Game: My Mammott

My Singing Monsters is a mobile game developed and published by Canadian developer Big Blue Bubble, released on September 4, 2012.


Once you have bought one or the other island, You start buy single element monsters, after that you can breed a lot of new monsters in the "Breeding Structure", After this or that monster has hatched, you can collect coins from the monsters. you can also feed the monsters with food to increase the level and coin income, you can even put a decoration next to the monster to increase happiness and coin income.

Why It Rocks

  1. The biggest part of this game is the music, which are nice to listen to, and they very catchy, which have their own styles.
  2. Excellent graphics drawn by artist Christopher Elliott.
  3. The many different islands, Plant Island, Cold Island, Air Island, Water Island, Earth Island, etc, Each of them has its own songs.
  4. Many different elements that each monster has such as Plants, Cold, Air, Water, Earth, etc.
  5. It has many structures that have their own functions.
  6. Aside natural monsters. There also has many unique types of monsters such as, Seasonal, Supernatural, Ethereal, Legendary, Mythical, Rare, Dipsters, Celestials, Epic, Fire and Magical.
  7. There are many interesting easter eggs from other games from Big Blue Bubble such as one of Natural Monsters called Thumpies, which is come from a 2010 game with same name Burn the Rope, and Fling a Thing!
  8. Unlike other mobile games, micro-transactions in this game are optional. Even better, there no thing that requires buys for real-life money, and there only three premium structures. Which means this game is not a pay-to-win, and players can spend only for in-game currency.
  9. It spawned five spin-offs, My Mammott, My PomPom , Dawn of Fire, Jammer Splash and Composer, They also plan to create a show called Those Singing Monsters.
  10. The only way to turn off constant ads is to buy one in-app purchase as cheap as $1 that gives you extra in-game currency instead of being rather expensive and only removing ads, like in other mobile games. The daily login bonuses are also pretty small, except for the keys and the 25 diamonds at the end of the 10-day cycle before it starts over.

The Only Bad Qualities

  1. It requires a constant Internet connection, despite the fact that it is singleplayer game.
  2. The rewards are pretty bad. You can spend hours trying to get a perfect on the memory game only to get some food as a reward. The daily login bonuses are also pretty small, except for the keys and the 25 diamonds at the end of the 10-day cycle before it starts over.


  • The monsters, islands, effects and other objects are animated in Adobe After Effects.
  • G'joob, Yawstrich and few decoration were used to be PlayStation Vita exclusive, in the 7th anniversary update they became available across all devices.
  • In Early 2014, has been planned make a three-match game called Furcorn's Jelly Dreams, but is was cancelled and eventually become Jammer Splash.




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a shoe wa shoe wa doo, a shoe wa shoe wa doo..


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Deedee deedeedee deedeedee deedeedee deedeedee deedeedee deedeedee deedeedee


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