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Well hey. Welcome to my profile. I'm just a person who is highly motivated on Wikis and looking to improve them, so give me an administratorship now. But I'm also into several interests like YouTube, Mario, M.U.G.E.N, Algodoo, making video games, emulation, talking objects- O_O

My Console Collection



  • Xbox (Disc tray can barely open but just hitting the console on the top with a fist will make it work better)

My Opinions On Game Developers

Developers I like

  • Nintendo: Mario. And their consoles.
  • Sony Interactive Entertainment
  • Epic Games
  • Microsoft: Somehow, it's a company I still respect to this day. They have changed the world with the awesome Windows, the operating system I still use to this day.
  • Sega: Not only Sonic, but also for being along with Nintendo the best rivals in gaming history, ASTRONOMICALLY AMAZING ARCADE GAME GRAPHICS, the most likeable japanese game characters, and much more. You're a really interesting company, and I really hope you can catch up a lot as a third party developer now.
  • Namco
  • Capcom
  • Ubisoft: Created some of the big fucking characters in France, Rayman and Rabbids. I'm so proud to live in this country.

Developers I'm Neutral To

  • Atari SA: When an old french game company decided to buy the "Atari" name. Yeah, keeping a dead company alive... why not. And a new Atari Console?! NO WAY!!!!! AFTER 27 YEARS OF RELEASING THE JAGUAR?! But... the price?

Developers I Hate

  • Don Mattrick: Just who the heck is that person? He wasn't making Xbox better to begin with, especially with the Kinect add-on.
  • Digital Suicide: That's if a Vyonder could a video game and become able to send a lot of unfair lawsuits. What? I just compared Digital Homicide to a model example of a person who can't handle criticism!
  • King Of What a loser.
  • Electronic Arts: I'd call you GA (Greed Arts). That's what you're more like, you're the absolute master of making pay-to-win games outside of mobile gaming. And please improve your "FIFA" series, it's nothing more than crap now because of you guys making SOME OF THE WORST BUSINESS PRACTICES EVER. Thank god you got lots of lawsuits. And how could you try to trademark just a word in the English language!?
  • Take-Two Interactive: Why was this company founded in the first place? As a fuck-you message to the video game industry?
  • Tencent: These rats are the ones who ruined Epic. Would've been fucking awesome if they still had their own store if they never became a subsidiary of TCOC (Ten-cent Original Company).
  • Voodoo: The king of mobile shovelware has striked to give you the shittiest mobile games ever with the shittiest mobile ads. Screw you for mass-advertising your game after someone called you guys out for plagiarizing his game.
  • YandereDev: I, LuigiMan, humbly submit- Wait, I'm obviously copying Lesther110's joke.

My Opinions On Game Reviewers

Reviewers I Like

W.I.P Pages

You can improve them, if you want!

Pages I Made That Got Deleted...

Pages I Improved

NOTE: Minor edits, such as fixing typos and grammar errors are not included!

  • PlayStation: In the info box, added more release dates in different regions, and the link to Sony Interactive Entertainment's page.
  • FC Twin

Pages I Improved That Got Deleted (F)


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