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NTM/sandbox/Mario Party 5
Mario Party 5 cover.png
Yeah, I'm the winner! - Toad
Protagonist: Depends on which character the player selected in Story Mode
Genre: Party game
Platforms: Nintendo GameCube
Release Date: NA: November 10, 2003
JP: November 28, 2003
PAL: December 5, 2003
KOR: 2003
Developer: Hudson Soft
Publisher: Nintendo
Franchise: Mario Party
Previous Game: Mario Party 4
Next Game: Mario Party 6

Mario Party 5 is the fifth installment of the Mario Party series, it was developed by Hudson Soft and published by Nintendo in November 2003. It was also the second Mario Party game for the GameCube.

Why It Rocks

  1. Great graphics, even for GameCube standards.
  2. As before stated, it's the second of the four Mario Party games for the GameCube.
  3. Catchy soundtrack such as: Dream Memories, Everybody Party, Toy Dream, Your Dream Comes True, Tell Me How To Play!, the song when viewing the rules of a minigame and the jingle when someone wins a minigame.
  4. Great and sometimes memorable minigames like Coney Island and Hotel Goomba.
  5. Good Story Mode with the hero facing Bowser and the Koopa Kids to stop them from turning the dream worlds into nightmares worlds.
  6. The duel minigames return in this game, after being absent from the previous game.
  7. The dialogue can be humorous at times, one example is when DK appears during Bowser Time, Bowser says "Do...Donk...Donkey Kong!" in a surprised tone and then after DK punches him, Bowser grumpily says "Donkey Kong ruined this! I’ll leave quietly, but I’m not leaving without the coins!"
  8. The capsules are great items, as you can place them on the boards or use them on yourself (which will cost you coins), and is a nice new technique of using items introduced in this game.
  9. This game marks the playable debuts of Toad, Boo, and Koopa Kid.
  10. The Star Spirits from Paper Mario are the hosts of this game, and are very enjoyable to watch, as they represent the dreams very well, being that stars are out at night when everyone’s dreaming.
  11. Lots of great modes, like Party Mode, Story Mode, Mini-Game Mode, Super Duel Mode, and Bonus Mode.
  12. The new boards are fully rendered in 3D, and are all fun to play, with many being enjoyable Dream worlds, and the final board, Bowser’s Nightmare, being outstanding, showing not all dreams are good.

Bad Qualities

  1. Donkey Kong is no longer a playable character, as he’s been downgraded to having his own space and mini-games, and he does not become playable in the Mario Party series again until Mario Party 10.
  2. Toad, Boo and Koopa Kid are not playable in Story Mode. But Koopa Kid and Toad have fair reasons why, as Koopa Kid is an enemy during the story, and Toad is a CPU ally.
  3. This game has its share of bad mini-games, such as the luck-based minigames, which are the worst in the game. Some other bad mini-games include:
    • Rumble Fumble
    • Dodge Bomb
    • Defuse or Lose
    • Whomp Maze


Mario Party 5 on Metacritic received mixed to positive reviews from critics, and a positive reception from gamers. It has a score of 69/100 from critics, and 8.0/10 from gamers.



  • The capsule depicting a Toady is incorrectly labeled as "Magikoopa Capsule". Later Mario Party games correctly labeled it as "Toady Orb".
  • This is the last Mario Party game in non-Japanese versions (except the Dutch, Portuguese and Russian versions of Mario Party: Island Tour) to feature a female announcer until Super Mario Party.
  • Nintendo of America promoted Mario Party 5 with an ad campaign spoofing the actual presidential campaigns of the United States, where Mario and his friends "campaigned" against Bowser and his minions. Inconsistent with his appearance in the game itself and its artworks, Bowser appeared to use his N64-era design in material related to this campaign. Similarly, the campaign also used one of Mario's artworks from Mario Kart 64 in addition to his actual GameCube-era artworks.


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