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Note: This game is fake. You can add yourself in or edit the page if you want.

The Best Game Ever
"It's the best, game, ever!" - SpongeBob
Protagonist: Avatar
Miraheze Users
Genre: Role-Playing
Dungeon Crawler
Open World
Platforms: Every platform ever, even the Color TV Game
Release Date: Never
Developer: Dream Team
Miraheze Game Studios
Publisher: Dream Team
Made in: All
Next Game: The Second Best Game Ever

The Best Game Ever is a turn based open world dungeon crawler role-playing game developed by Dream Team and Miraheze Game Studios, which is a developer made up of Chris Roberts, Shigeru Miyamoto, Shigesato Itoi, Brian Fargo, Richard Garriott, George Lucas, and Andrew Wilson, although he was kicked out of development at the beginning. The Miraheze users where also involved, using their knowledge of awesome and crappy games to create the best a game can be.


The plot is so epic that is must not be said.


  • The Avatar (The player)
  • Grust
  • Mr. Dready
  • DarkMatterMan4500
  • DeciduousWater534
  • Trevor807
  • SuperStreetKombat
  • Glitchedblood
  • ThePCGamer
  • Remely1000
  • HinD
  • Allistayrian
  • MarioMario456
  • Kringe
  • DuchessTheSponge
  • Dorothy Nightingale
  • GrammarFixer
  • MatthewThePrep
  • AlvaroNovaes-BR
  • RaymesisEvil
  • Asexual King Dice
  • LuigiMan050-5
  • Danirabbid
  • ItMeansNothing
  • Agent Joestar
  • TigerBlazer
  • Obi-Wan Skywalker86
  • HellLord
  • Code yellow
  • EdEddandEddyFan
  • Maxkatzur
  • HawkeyeSolo
  • Funny

Why It Is The Best Game Ever As The Title Says

  1. First off, the graphics on all versions are the most beautiful ever made in a video game. Using the power of source code, the developers were able to make the most realistic game ever conceived by man. It looks exactly like real life and all the physics and lighting are done exactly like how it works in real life. Even the Atari 2600 port looks beautiful, despite the primitive graphics.
  2. Your avatar is endlessly customizable, with millions of different racial, color, and texture options. You can play as a normal human or elf if you really want to, as well as odd combinations like a vampire anthropomorphic wolf with a flaming eye and an undead skeleton with the skull of Homer Simpson. There is even an option to make your character look exactly like Forest Gump.
  3. As well as being super customizable, you have 8 different stats and over 8,000 skills you can master. Some range from normal RPG fare, like training in ""Necromancy and "Lockpicking", but you can also learn obscure but useful skills like "Bed Jumping", which improves how high you go when jumping on a bed and "Jaw Cracking", which determines how loud it is when you crack your jaw.
  4. The most beautiful story ever conceived by man. It is guaranteed to make you cry at least fifty times. Even if you get spoiled on plot details, you will cry anyway. That's how good the story is.
  5. Gamings biggest open world ever created. The game world is about ten times the size of Planet Earth and is full of stuff to do at every inch of the world. You will never get bored playing the game. Plus, there are no loading screens at all, even when you boot up the game. You are immediately sent to the game world.
  6. The combat system is the best ever created, borrowing the best elements of Undertale, Paper Mario, and Dragon Age. In addition, every skill in the game can be used in battle, such as using "Melee" to do melee attacks, "Beg" to make enemies feel sorry for you, or "Scare" to sare foes so much they leave the battle.
  7. Thousands of unique side quests to do, each having their own plot twist, and none of them are fetch quests.
  8. Tons of weapon variety. Practically everything you find can be used as a weapon, even old socks. Everything from swords and staves to a beach ball and a frying pan (Bluehole would later sue the devs for this).
  9. Over 3,000,000 different types of enemies to fight, all having their own unique design. There are characters from other media as well, such as Crimson Heads and Storm Giants. You can even fight legendary bosses like Mike Myers's The Cat in the Hat.
  10. The summoning system. In game, you can fight mythical beasts and catch them to join your party. Each of these creatures are a character from some other kind of media, such as Michael Myers and Princess Peach. In addition, they all have a unique power, such as summoning Shrek makes all swamps non-hostile.
  11. All of the characters are likable and the Miraheze users are true to their real life personalities. They all have their own goals and names and any character can be romanced, even the villain and a goblin enemy.
  12. The game has super small storage, somehow weighing in at only 1 KB despite how much content is in the game.
  13. Best of all, the digital versions of the game are completely free. Even better, if you want the console versions like the N64 or SNES version, they only cost twenty five cents to purchase. However, there is also a Collector's Edition which has the game and tens of other expensive collectibles based on the game and it only costs $20.
  14. Every single game ever made is playable in this game, so you will never have to play another game ever again after you purchase this. Even cancelled games and online games are included.

Things That Don't Make It Exactly As The Title Says

  1. Somehow, the game got a Teen rating despite the fact that there is full nudity in one part of the game, as well as much blood spilling from enemies.
  2. The other ports from third gen consoles and below are nowhere near the quality of the ports for forth gen consoles and up and the PC version.


The Best Game Ever received universal acclaim upon release, even Dragon magazine came back from the dead just to give the game six stars out of five. Everyone, that is, except for IGN, who gave the game a 5/10 saying the game had to much autumn colors. However, their score was excluded from the Metacritic average, which is 101/100 based on 235 reviews. Even the Atari 2600 and Pong console ports received universal acclaim. Unfortunately, it got a sequel despite how perfect it was called The Second Best Game Ever, which received universal hatred.


  • EA tried to do a hostile takeover of Dream Team and Miraheze Game Studios, but thankfully, Thanos snapped and all of the EA people disappeared and none on the dev teams, giving the studios lots of time to finish the game. The game was released on the day the Avengers saved Earth from alternate timeline Thanos.